Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am getting old

I must be, because I seem to be getting cranky much more often nowadays. Little things that I could tolerate in the past I now find I have no patience for. Old people suck.

Take yesterday for example. I got an SMS from a friend who I haven't seen in a couple of years. It was an SMS inviting me to his wedding 2 weeks from now.

K I am pretty sure I blogged about it before but I didn't get it then and I still don't get it now. Where was I when it became acceptable for people to invite others to their weddings via SMS, because I sure didn't get the memo. What's next? People sending their condolences through SMS?

"Hey heard your dad died. That sux. But at least you got his inheritance. LOL. Sorry I would have called but I already exceeded my outgoing minutes for the month. But you know I care. :)"

Yes call me petty if you want, I don't care. As I said I am getting old, so I can be cranky if I want to because that's what old people do. Besides, hiding behind this stallion persona is actually a very delicate flower who just wants to feel like he matters, to know that people care about him. And an SMS just doesn't say that damn it!!


  1. "Besides, hiding behind this stallion persona is actually a very delicate flower who just wants to feel like he matters"

    Wonder where you heard that one. Man, you never give me credit for anything!!

    And yes, sending smses for important things like weddings etc suxx big timezz.

  2. Sirisha: I have no idea what you are talking about. How dare you imply that the mighty stallion plagarises from lesser known bloggers such as yourself?? The nerve of some people!! Do you have proof?? Ha just as I thought!

    p.s. Oh wait you don't keep MSN history do you?

  3. HAHA bertie. you old bag o lazy bones.
    it's okay to be cranky. you know me, i get cranky too. and don't be sad about that friend you've sort of lost again.. i'm here! tho im not of much use :(


    First it's "I need a touch of a woman"...now it's "I'm growing old."

    See, this is why I said you need a goldfish.

    There's an old song by Jefferson Airplane (which I am sure you will hate), which goes, Don't you want somebody love...don't you need somebody to love...wouldn't you love somebody to love...you better find somebody to love...

    They wrote it for you dude. I swear.

  5. Lesser-known Blogger no more. Now my glory will spread far and wide as The Chick From Whom Even The Great Stallion Himself Stole Lines And Tried To Pass Off As His Own. The day is not long when I will dethrone you as the Ultimate Ruler of the Bloggo-universe and all (including you) will bow before me. See? I even surpass you in your delusions.

    Bah! The things you men would say when your credibility is at stake.

  6. Sirisha: Can the clay maker sue the sculpter for making a beautiful statue out of his clay? All I did was mold your words into this rather beautiful sentence, thats not plagiarism - it's ART.

  7. it's plagiarism when a sculptor copies another sculptor's work. create your analogies right, bert-who-is-very-very-very-old.

  8. Preetha - Thanks ! And Femme, get him that goldfish soon :P

  9. Preetha: You are supposed to defend your friend, not go against him. To think we went through so much together, now i know they were all lies. I hate you. You are just like the intern. I can't trust anyone anymore.