Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Geek Post: Giving a whole new meaning to "hidden track"

I love the latest album by Tool. I couldn't get into their previous album, Lateralus, no matter how I tried, it was a disappointment to me. However this album is a return to a form for the band. Anyway I am not going to review the album, but rather I wanted needed to share this rather amazing discovery I made regarding the album.

Apparently Tool included a hidden track on the album, but it's not tacked on at the end of the album like it's usually done by most bands. In fact, the hidden track is revealed by actually combining/mixing 3 songs. on the album together. One of the tracks is 11:14 in length, while the other are 6:11 and 5:03, giving a total of 11:14 as well! Some genius figured out that it wasn't pure coincidence and put them together (details on how to do it here)

So anyway I tried it myself and the results were simply amazing. The tracks sync incredibly well, way better than I thought they would, but the most surprising thing was that the end of two of the tracks were almost identical (including the vocals!!), leading me to believe that this was authentic and not just some fan-made delusion.

Anyway it's pretty amazing stuff, it's hard not to marvel at their creativity.


  1. That's pretty cool. Sort of like Kid 17. Heard of it? It's Kid A, but with each track superimposed upon itself after a 17 second lag. Morning Bell and Idioteque simply rock in kid 17.

  2. u sure they din copy radiohead bertie? :p

  3. Sirisha: That's pretty cool, I read about it on wikipedia. Will try it myself.

    Preetha: Errm no they did not .How dare you accuse them of plagarism.