Friday, June 23, 2006

Football: Gibson is the (Chair) Man!

If you follow football then you would know that Middlesbrough manager McClaren is taking over the England manager position from Sven after the World Cup. That leaves Middlesbrough (or Boro as they are known as) manager-less , and they are actively looking for someone right now.

Anyway this guy decided to mail a job application for that position to Gibson, the Boro chairman, citing in his CV his vast experience in managing top class players and his success with lowly clubs in the game Football Manager. It's pretty funny (especially if you play the game), but the funniest part of the whole thing was the reply by Gibson - It's priceless.

Whoever said club chairmans were boring old rich farts without a sense of humor?

Link : Copy of the application letter and reply

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  1. hahahaha shessh. you're damm funny and quite sharp.
    Looks like I have to blow my secret. That place is in Malaysia,(Bukit Tinggi/Colmar Tropicale) Which is some place where its built to look like a village in France. Nice place just that the food there is Halal.
    And you should give up blading and try horse riding!! I bet you communicate better with horses. =P

  2. Eunice: Ah yes, prata didn't sound too french to me. Cool I never knew they had that kind of place. Have to check it out sometime. Yeah I love horses too! They remind me of me, strong yet gentle.