Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blading session 2

I went for my 2nd blading session earlier this week. It did go better compared to the first one, I managed to blade a fair distance (100 meters) compared to the few steps that I managed earlier. However apparently my progress was not fast enough for my mentor/friend (and I use the word friend loosely after that day) and he started pushing me really hard.

And I mean really hard. A lesser man would have probably broke down and cried, but it's the Stallion we are talking about here, and I took all the punishment that he dissed out like a man (because I am one).  Finally he lost his patience and started to literally push me from behind as I was blading.

I fell hard on the ground, and my butt started hurting like hell. I think I cracked my tail bone or something. So again like the previous lesson I was forced to roll off to the grass and moan in agony. As I lay there I began thinking. Isn't this supposed to be fun?

At the end of the session we headed off to the 7-11 near my place to get some drinks. As we were queing to pay for our drinks, I turned back to him and asked him.

"My butt is really sore. Did you really have to push me that hard ?"

I can't really describe the reaction he had, but the look on his face was  the same one that my army buddy had when I asked him out on Valentine's day. I didn't understand what caused such a reaction till I I turned around and realised that the cashier was giving us this really disgusted look.

That was the last time I am ever going to that 7-11 again. And I haven't seen my friend since.

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  1. Maybe you should go back to the 7-11 with a really hot chick on your arm and have your friend present and say (make sure it's the same cashier), "Dude, thanks for pushing me so hard and making my butt sore. The chicks just left my tight ass!"

    Will work wonders I'm sure.

  2. Ah dammit. Typo there.
    It should be...
    "Dude, thanks for pushing me so hard and making my butt sore. The chicks just LOVE my tight ass!"

  3. lol. how in the world do you manage to get yourself into such situations? only you man, only you. anyway im really sorry i cant spend time with you sooner. :( would put you out of ur misery if i could, somehow. take care.

  4. Femme: Errm k one day you accompany me there then? Chicks like tight asses ? I didn't know that.

    Preethos: Yes dear I can't wait till we are together blading side by side.