Friday, June 30, 2006

M1 Customer Service sucks balls

They really do. I was at the Bugis Junction last Friday at 1 pm to sign up for the tariff promo that gives me 50% off the monthly subscription and it was a pretty crappy experience.

First was the wait. I was made to wait an hour and fifteen minutes before I finally got attended to. And the thing was there were 2 counters that were unmanned, there was only 2 counters attending to people who were in the queue.  Would it kill them to hire enough staff to man all the counters?

Finally I got attended to. I asked to change my service plan to a cheaper one, as my current one was really old and so crappy that they didn't even offer it anymore. I tried to change it while I was still under contract last year but they told me I couldn't since I was under contract and I would have to pay 20 dollars. My contract had long expired so I assumed changing it now would not be an issue.

I was wrong. The guy at the counter told me that I still had to pay 20 dollars to downgrade to a cheaper plan, eventhough my contract had expired. When I told him what I was told over the phone last year, he replied that according to this branch's rules they have to charge that fee, and that I would have to call the M1 hotline and ask them to waive it off.

That is shitty customer service for you. I would have expected that he call the M1 hotline and clarify it for me, but apparently that wasn't his job. So I called the hotline and told them the scenario, and they waived off the fee for me after I explained the irrationality of forcing me to stick to a mobile plan that wasn't even offered anymore.

In the end I got what I was looking for, but not without a great deal of frustration. Anyone else had similar experiences with M1 or is it just my bad luck?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Letting go is hard to do

It really is. It's hard to let go of something that you have treasured and cherished for many years, even when sometimes you know that's the only right thing to do.

I been with her for the 10 years. All this time I shared my bed with her and her alone, but I decided last weekend that I needed to make a change. She was getting a bit off putting nowadays. I guess there is only so much drool a pillow can take before it starts to smell. K my family have been complaining that she smelled for a while now but only recently did I notice the pungent odor. And I could almost swear I heard things wriggling underneath me as I slept sometimes.

So over the weekend I bought a new pillow. One with down feathers. I didn't wanna get another polyester pillow, it would remind me too much of her.

I went back and brought the pillow to my room. There she was, sitting at the side of the bed. There was a certain sadness in its face now, it was as if she knew her time was up. I dropped the new pillow and ran to her and gave her a hug. One final hug. And I don't know why but tears started falling off my eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity I got up. I took a bag and placed her. very gently, inside. Took her to the garbage dump. I left her at the side, I couldn't bear to throw her into the garbage container with all the other trash. I owed her at least that.

I went back and tried out my new pillow. It was incredibly soft. It was as if I was really sleeping on the bodies of a hundred ducklings. I fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning I passed by the garbage dump on the way to work. She was gone, probably incinerated by now. But her memory will always live on in me.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Greek Bike Accident

This guy must be an offspring of a greek god or something. There is no other explanation. You have to see it to believe it.

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Music: Like a Virgin

Yes Hillary Duff is apparently still a virgin, according to her recent interview with Elle Magazine. The question here is who really gives a shit? Alright her boyfriend (the guy from the crap punk band Good Charlotte) might, but who else? Why do these female singers feel the need to let us know about their sex lives, or lack thereof. And then after they reveal all these details, they start whining about how the public won't give them their pricacy. Bloody bimbos.

First it was Britney, then Jessica Simpson, now her. It pisses me off. You don't see me bragging to my friends that I am  ....I mean I don't see my friends bragging to me about their non-existent sex lives. But the always funny Jay Leno had this to say about her claim : "....if you're dating a musician for two years and you're still a virgin, you're dating Clay Aiken."

And why don't celebrities ever brag about them not being a virgin. I would love to see an interview with a celeb who proudly proclaims that she got banged by three different guys in the past week. At the same time. Now that's something you can be really proud of.

In other news, and I say this with the heaviest of hearts, Kevin has left the Backstreet Boyz. I got pretty emotional when I heard the news. Kevin has always been my favorite Boy, mainly because I have always felt like I can relate to him the most. As in we are both men who still call themselves boys, and we both can't really sing eventhough we think we can. The band will not be the same without him, but I wish him the best in all his future endervours. We Backmates* are gonna miss you.

*Backmates: Fans of The Backstreet Boyz

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Immaturity in Adults

I knew it. I was wondering why I keep meeting immature people again and again, and now I know why. Apparently adults nowadays are more immature. According to this article, one of the factors contributing to this trend is the emphasis in today's culture on youth and vitality and the perceived un-coolness of old age has contributed to people just not wanting to act their age.

Take this recent example. I was out on a date with this really cute girl and it went really well. So at the end of the date I told her that I never had such an amazing time before, that she could be the "one" and hinted that maybe we could get married by the end of the year.

The next day I called her in the morning at 6 am to wish her good morning and also maybe ask her if she wanted to meet for breakfast. She didn't answer the phone despite my repeated calls, which got me even more worried and made me call even more often. I think I must have made like 50 calls in 2 hours. If that isn't an obvious sign of immaturity I don't know what is, a mature person would answer their calls !

By lunch time I got really pissed. So I decided to send her a final SMS.

I don't think I want to friend you anymore.

I got a reply instantly.

Thank God. Bye.

She was obviously trying to act brave. I think she knew she screwed up but was just too immature to apologize.

I never saw her again.

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Human-to-Human Infection by Bird Flu Virus Is Confirmed

Quote from the article:

The first five family members to fall ill had identical strains of A(H5N1), one found in animals in Indonesia. But that virus had mutated slightly in the sixth victim, a child, and he apparently passed the mutated virus to his father, who cared for him in a hospital without proper protection, said Dr. Tim Uyeki, an American epidemiologist on the W.H.O. team.

However before you panic, the dad only got it after prolonged contact with the son, none of the relatives and neighbours have been infected so far. So the risk of transmission through casual contact is still very low.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

I met a psychic!

Yes I did. 2 days ago. I have always been skeptical about the supernatural. I am first and foremost a man of science (although i I didn't do very well in it when I was in school), I believe that you should try and explain phenomena using science before you assume it is due to some unknown supernatural forces. But after what happened that day I am not sure if I still believe that anymore. Let me tell you what happened, then you can judge for yourself.

I was working in the office just like any other day, but I was so engrossed in my work that I completely missed lunch time. When I finally did check my watch it was already 2:30 pm, so I quickly went down to the canteen, hoping that at least one of the food stalls would still be open.

Luckily enough the Western/Chinese food stall was open so I went over and placed my order.

Me: Hi, Can I get a chicken cutlet?
Her: Actually we only have one thing left, the rest finish already.
Me: Oh what's that (one thing)?
Her: Oh that one ,you won't like it. Why don't you get something from the other stall?

I was completely stunned. How did this woman who didn't even know me personally knew what I liked or didn't like to eat? I tried to fathom some scientific explanation for it, but I couldn't. There was only ONE explanation. She somehow managed to use her mind to probe deep into mine to find out what exactly what I liked or didn't like. It was pretty freaky to be honest.

After a few moments I managed to regain my composure and I noticed she was smiling. I guess that was not the first time she got that kind of reaction from her customer.

So I left her, still rather dazed, and went to another stall. I was gonna tell her that I was never gonna patronize her stall ever again, but then I remember that she would have already known that.

Looking back at that experience, I have learnt that there are some things that defy logic and science, and that I should be more open minded. So have any of you ever had similar psychic experiences?

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Football: Gibson is the (Chair) Man!

If you follow football then you would know that Middlesbrough manager McClaren is taking over the England manager position from Sven after the World Cup. That leaves Middlesbrough (or Boro as they are known as) manager-less , and they are actively looking for someone right now.

Anyway this guy decided to mail a job application for that position to Gibson, the Boro chairman, citing in his CV his vast experience in managing top class players and his success with lowly clubs in the game Football Manager. It's pretty funny (especially if you play the game), but the funniest part of the whole thing was the reply by Gibson - It's priceless.

Whoever said club chairmans were boring old rich farts without a sense of humor?

Link : Copy of the application letter and reply

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Music: Different ways of promoting a new single/album

I love how bands/singers nowadays are coming out with all these pretty creative ways to promote their albums and generate buzz. 3 recent and very different examples I noticed were Paris Hilton, Lamb of God and Mastodon.

Yes, Paris Hilton has a new single out. The former sex tape star has now decided to move out of the adult film industry and into the music industry. I saw it on MTV, it was this reggae sounding track about diamonds or something. Which is quite appropriate because when you think of reggae, the first thing that comes to your head are diamonds and rich heiresses. But anyway apparently the single mustn't be doing too well so she found a way to promote it herself: She played her own song in her car while she was being stalked by the paparazzi. And then she and her friend started grooving to it.

Fine I am not a musician I will admit, but it does seem a TAD lame to listen to and dance to your OWN song in front of the media. Maybe she thought that if people saw how much she enjoyed her own song they would be compelled to like it too. You know, just like the sex video. You can watch the video of her getting jiggy with it here. (Link taken from Celebrity Terrorist.)

Next is Mastodon, a progressive metal band who are coming out with a new album Blood Mountain soon. To promote it they created this website where you have a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces are actually parts of the album cover - you get to see the complete album cover upon completing the jigsaw. Pretty cool eh? It took me around 8 minutes and was pretty fun to do so check it out here.

Next is Lamb of God, one of my favorite bands at the moment. Their new album Sacrament is coming out soon, so they posted their first single Redneck on this website where you can listen to it with a flash enabled browser. Anyway you might not like the song (it's metal) , but the website is really cool. It's like an Ouija board and you move that little triangle thing to reveal words (lyrics?). Go check it out, but turn down your volume first!

Oh and they will be heading down to Brisbane in August for a concert. I am seriously contemplating heading down there to see them. Anyone else interested?

Update: K the song by Paris is Stars are Blind. Stars, jewellery it's almost the same thing.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Church Wedding and A Girl

Went to an old army friend's wedding last Saturday at the Church of Holy Family at East Coast Road. The ceremony was pretty nice, although the priest marrying them said these pretty corny jokes (religious people have a strange sense of humor it seems) . Anyway as we heading for the lunch reception upstairs I saw something that caught my eye.

It was a girl. She was in the lift and just as the doors were about to close, she gave me this intense look. The doors to the lift closed, but the door to my heart swung open. Her beauty was beyond words, but if I had to use words it would be that she was smoking hot. Normally I would just forget it as she would have been way out of my league , but I knew the look that she gave me all too well - it was a look of intense lust and longing, she wanted me bad. It was that same look that Uncle Kumar used to give me when he came over to my house for "casual" visits. Casual my ass. Crap, bad memory flashback, shouldn't have brought that up. Anyway back to my encounter.

I grabbed my friend and ran up the stairs to where the lunch reception was. I looked at all the tables were but I couldn't find her. I began to worry - What if she might have taken the lift down again to find me? I was contemplating going back down when I saw her. She was sitting down at the far corner, laughing at something her colleague said. I have never heard a sweeter sound in my life.

My friend and I got our food, and then I managed to persuade my friend to stand behind the table she was sitting at (but facing her) and eat our food, on the pretense that there were no more free tables left. As I was eating I kept looking at her , hoping that she would look back but she didn't. In fact it seemed as if she was purposely trying to avoid looking back at me.

I was angry and confused. What was she trying to pull here? You don't just give a guy a "I want you" look on one floor then completely ignore him on another floor damn it!! I started moving my arms in an exaggerated manner as I continued eating in the hope that she would notice, but it was like I was invisible to her (although it attracted the attention of others).

After five minutes my arms started to tire and I stopped. I didn't even notice when she left a minute later as I could hardly see, my eyes were filled with tears.

As we left the church I noticed that someone had left one of the church doors slightly ajar. I reached forward and closed it. And at the same time I closed the door to my heart once again. But unlike the church door it will probably never open again.

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Tech: Enable your RSS feed damn it!

K if you have a blog on blogger and you don't have your rss feed enabled, please do the following. I read blogs exclusively using rss now so if it isn't enabled I usually don't read it often, it's just too much of a hassle to keep checking it for updates. So if you get link referrers from "" that would probably be me, that's the site where I have all my blog feeds.

There should be a site feed option in the settings tab of your blogger dashboard.

Also make sure at the top of your blog template BETWEEN your <head> and <head/>tags , you have

<BlogSiteFeed><link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="<$BlogSiteFeedUrl$>" /></BlogSiteFeed>

That's it.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Off to a bad start.

My week that is. Lost my internet connection over the weekend thanks to my cable modem which finally died after 5 years of service. I had to go the entire weekend without watching any (new) porn, which is like a first for me. I hope none of you will ever go through that, it was a really horrific experience.

So I called up the cable company and they told me I had to go down to this place in Buona Vista to get the modem checked out and confirm that it is indeed faulty, and then head over to Plaza Sing to buy a new one for a 100 bucks. Oh and since the account is under my sister's name I have to get a signed letter from her to authorise me to buy the modem on her behalf.

I was like screw it. We been with the cable company paying 58 dollars a month for the last 5 years (last 3 without contract) , the least they could do is give it to us free or at least offer to send it to us. Told my sis to ask them for a free modem , if they don't want to then told her to just cancel it and I will sign up with Singnet. - it's cheaper anyway.

Then I found out that some asshole(s) stole my favourite pair of beach slippers that was lying outside my front door. Those were the ones I got from Vietnam. I hope he/they get foot herpes or something.

It's a bad start to the week.

And my butt is still sore.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blading session 2

I went for my 2nd blading session earlier this week. It did go better compared to the first one, I managed to blade a fair distance (100 meters) compared to the few steps that I managed earlier. However apparently my progress was not fast enough for my mentor/friend (and I use the word friend loosely after that day) and he started pushing me really hard.

And I mean really hard. A lesser man would have probably broke down and cried, but it's the Stallion we are talking about here, and I took all the punishment that he dissed out like a man (because I am one).  Finally he lost his patience and started to literally push me from behind as I was blading.

I fell hard on the ground, and my butt started hurting like hell. I think I cracked my tail bone or something. So again like the previous lesson I was forced to roll off to the grass and moan in agony. As I lay there I began thinking. Isn't this supposed to be fun?

At the end of the session we headed off to the 7-11 near my place to get some drinks. As we were queing to pay for our drinks, I turned back to him and asked him.

"My butt is really sore. Did you really have to push me that hard ?"

I can't really describe the reaction he had, but the look on his face was  the same one that my army buddy had when I asked him out on Valentine's day. I didn't understand what caused such a reaction till I I turned around and realised that the cashier was giving us this really disgusted look.

That was the last time I am ever going to that 7-11 again. And I haven't seen my friend since.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Rollerblading : My Progress

To be honest it hasn't been very encouraging. I am a natural when it comes to certain things (e.g. the ability to give unimaginable pleasure to women in less than 5 minutes), but when it comes to sports I, to put it kindly, suck like a hooker with really bad teeth.

I started off really pumped up and excited about it, I managed to get a friend of mine to show me the ropes, so we headed off to east coast last weekend. I fell every 5 minutes but I was still not discouraged, I got up each time and tried again. You seen those nature programs where the fawn tries to stand up after the mom just gave birth to it right? It was something like that, I think I looked pretty adorable to be honest. But then it hit me.

Pain. Specifically pain on my lower pack. I tried to ignore it at first but then it got pretty bad and within 10 minutes I couldn't bear it anymore; I rolled off to side of the track and lay down on the grass.

It was not a pretty sight. I could feel the eyes of people on me as they bladed/cycled past me, I could feel their looks of pity as they stared at me lying there and moaning in pain. It was as if they were looking at a beached whale; they felt pity for it but they was nothing they could do to help except to shoot it and end its misery. There was this one kid who tried to help me up. But despite his good intentions he wasn't strong enough, and after 5 minutes he gave up and ran away crying, unable to bear seeing me in that state any longer.

Amid the waves of pain racking my body I suddenly remembered my friend was around, he could help me. I started shouting out his name (alright it was more like wailing his name) but he didn't come to my assistance even though he was like only 10 meters away. In fact it seemed like he bladed further away upon hearing my screams.

After what felt like an eternity I finally found the strength to get up. I took off the blades and looked for my friend and asked him why he didn't hear me. He said he didn't hear my screams which I thought was strange.

So that was my first blading experience. Despite the horrific ordeal I am determined to try again, simply because I already spent close to 200 dollars on the blades and the gear. Will keep you guys updated on the progress.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The truth hurts, and so does exercise.

Continuing what I would like to call my 'whiny' phase, I would like to share this pretty upsetting incident that happened to me last week.

I was trying out this pair of jeans that I bought 6 months ago but I had trouble getting into it.

Me: Mom!! We need to replace the washing machine! It keeps shrinking my clothes!!
Mom: Sigh..
Me: What was that?
Mom: Oh nothing, sure we can buy one soon. Again. As long as you are paying for it.
Me: Mom, if you have something to say , just say it.
Mom: I would say it but I am not sure if that's what you want.
Me: (Shouting) All I want is the truth!!!
Mom: (Shouting back) You want the truth?? You can't handle the truth!!
Me: Just tell me !!!
Mom: Fine. The washing machine did not shrink your clothes. Neither does drying your clothes out in the sun. And while we are being honest, the shopgirls at clothing stores aren't trying to rip you off by changing the size labels on their clothes. You want the truth!? The truth is you are fat now. You are no longer that slim sexy hottie you were when you were 21! Deal with it and stop blaming everything else for your wardrobe woes!

And with that she left. I stood there in shock. They say it's those who are closest to you who have the power to hurt you the most. They were right.

Her words kept playing through my head as I lay on my bed that night. I kept trying to convince myself she didn't mean it. I never expected her to say something so cruel to me, I mean this was the same women who used to lovingly refer to me as mommy's little laddu. Maybe I didn't know her as well as I thought I did.

I didn't sleep a wink that night, but the next morning I woke up knowing what I needed to do. I went jogging around my block (hey I haven't been jogging in a long while alright). It felt good. The next day I bought a pair of roller blades and went blading at East Coast.

Mom was right, I had been a bit delusional about the fact that I needed to lose some weight. I realize now that she said what she said because she cared about me, and also because some of the women she was trying to find for me weren't too crazy about big guys.

Mom just told me that she's gonna try and hook me up with another Indian girl yesterday. She told me that this girl will be more modern than the last one, apparently she wore jeans. I'm pretty excited about it!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Geek Post: Giving a whole new meaning to "hidden track"

I love the latest album by Tool. I couldn't get into their previous album, Lateralus, no matter how I tried, it was a disappointment to me. However this album is a return to a form for the band. Anyway I am not going to review the album, but rather I wanted needed to share this rather amazing discovery I made regarding the album.

Apparently Tool included a hidden track on the album, but it's not tacked on at the end of the album like it's usually done by most bands. In fact, the hidden track is revealed by actually combining/mixing 3 songs. on the album together. One of the tracks is 11:14 in length, while the other are 6:11 and 5:03, giving a total of 11:14 as well! Some genius figured out that it wasn't pure coincidence and put them together (details on how to do it here)

So anyway I tried it myself and the results were simply amazing. The tracks sync incredibly well, way better than I thought they would, but the most surprising thing was that the end of two of the tracks were almost identical (including the vocals!!), leading me to believe that this was authentic and not just some fan-made delusion.

Anyway it's pretty amazing stuff, it's hard not to marvel at their creativity.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am getting old

I must be, because I seem to be getting cranky much more often nowadays. Little things that I could tolerate in the past I now find I have no patience for. Old people suck.

Take yesterday for example. I got an SMS from a friend who I haven't seen in a couple of years. It was an SMS inviting me to his wedding 2 weeks from now.

K I am pretty sure I blogged about it before but I didn't get it then and I still don't get it now. Where was I when it became acceptable for people to invite others to their weddings via SMS, because I sure didn't get the memo. What's next? People sending their condolences through SMS?

"Hey heard your dad died. That sux. But at least you got his inheritance. LOL. Sorry I would have called but I already exceeded my outgoing minutes for the month. But you know I care. :)"

Yes call me petty if you want, I don't care. As I said I am getting old, so I can be cranky if I want to because that's what old people do. Besides, hiding behind this stallion persona is actually a very delicate flower who just wants to feel like he matters, to know that people care about him. And an SMS just doesn't say that damn it!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

When a seat is not just a seat

I called her in yesterday morning for a meeting. I haven't seen her since the day she moved to the other seat. That was almost a week ago. I had so much to say to her, but I wanted to do it in private, that was why I called for the meeting. My heart fluttered when she entered the room, but I tried to remain cool and composed.

She: So what's up?
Me : I....I...I....

I had so many things to say to her.

I wanted to tell her how much she hurt me when she left that seat beside me for another, how it create this huge void that no one else could fill.
I wanted to tell her how it took every ounce of my will to not burst into tears every time I turn around and see that empty vacuum that she once occupied.
I wanted to tell her how it felt like a million knives stabbing me each time I heard the laughter and giggles she and the other guy shared.
I wanted to tell her how empty I felt inside without her by my side.
I wanted to tell her to stop seating beside that new guy.
I wanted to ask her what kind of woman does that - to sit with one guy one day and then go off to sit with a completely different guy the next?
I wanted to tell her to come back to her rightful seat, the one beside mine.

But I didn't. I couldn't. Because I realized at that point that I have to be professional about this, she is my intern and I am her superior. I might not like her slutty seating habits, but I have no right to impose my seating values on her. Damn my morals.

Me: I...I just wanted to tell you that you been kinda slacking the past week. I am not happy about that. Like that day last week when you came in 2 minutes late. We are not paying you to come late you know.

Before you think I was doing this out of revenge, let me assure you I am not. As I mentioned before I am keeping it strictly professional. I mean if she comes 2 minutes late everyday for the rest of her internship it would like probably accumulate into a day. That is completely unacceptable alright.

Her: Oh...I am sorry, it was raining heavily that day....
Me : That's not an excuse. It's your responsibilty to have an umbrella on you at all times. Or you could have ran. Stop blaming forces of nature for your attitude!!
Her: Oh....Ok. It will not happen again.
Me : See that it doesn't. That's all. You may leave now. (And I turned my back at her)

She turns and starts to leave.

Me: One more thing. I just want you to know something. I will keep this seat beside me free, in case you ever decide to come back.

I didn't even turn to see her response. But she didn't even say thanks, that really upset me. Sometimes people just aren't grateful it seems. I turned around and looked at the empty seat beside me. But I didn't feel sad anymore. I know she will be back soon. I don't know how I knew, but I just did.