Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Woohoo I don't have to vote.

Yes it's the elections again. The great news is my constituency (Marine Parade) got a walkover in the election so I don't need to vote! So while all the other losers have to go down to the voting centres to vote I will be enjoying my free time this Saturday to do whatever I want (i.e. porn). And all this at the very miniscule price of the loss of deciding who is best to lead my constituency. And that doesn't really matter to me, all I wanted was the lifts in my block to be upgraded, and I already got that so I wouldn't have any incentive to vote for the opposition.

But I do feel a bit left out though, it kinda sucks to be 28 and still not voted even once. Maybe they should have like a mock election. Like for those constituencies that got a walkover they could draw a few residents from a hat and make them form a party just for the duration of the election. They could call it the PAPAP (PAP Alternative Party).

Of course, they would have to educate them how to apply for the proper certificates at the election office. I mean you wouldn't want those guys to get their character/moral/integrity questioned if they, god forbid, make a mistake. Because once they do, even a simple apology won't be enough. You will have to explain every detail of how/why/when you made a mistake, and back them up with FACTS. Yes, it's all about facts.

Oh and they also have to educate the PAPAP on what not to say. If they would like to raise any issues that would criticize the government, they better make sure that they have the facts to back them up or else they might get themselves sued. It's a serious thing to question someone's integrity without having concrete facts to back it up, they have to know that. Of course they have to ignore the fact suing someone is basically an option only available to the rich. When was the last time you heard of a middle/lower income person suing someone for defamation of character?

Or maybe it's because people from middle or lower income families don't really have as much character, so we don't feel as great a need to sue. Yeah I think that could be it. I remember there was this one time this girl called me a horny perverted sicko in front of a whole bunch of people, and eventhough I felt this overwhelming sense of defamation of my character I didn't sue her. Back then I thought it's because it would cost too much money, but now I think it's because secretly afraid that maybe what she said was true. Sigh I wish I was rich.


  1. As luck would have it, I had to shake hands with a PAP representative eaaaaarrrrly this morning at the bloody MRT station. The stupid thing was, the station is already packed like mad on a normal morning and the candidates were standing smack in the middle of human traffic flow doing their campaigning. I mean come on lah, it's 8 in the freaking morning and we Sporeans are a mighty UNfriendly lot so why makes things worse by standing in the MIDDLE of the station, blocking the way and having everyone around you look like at you as if you were a spasticated rat?

    I swear, it's because I was wearing white.

  2. *cough cough*
    you're 28?

    sigh. i wish i was rich too. not to sue anybody, but just so i could roll ard in victoria's secret clothes allllll day. and i'll use the $$ to do other things, of cos.
    *cough cough*

  3. Femme: You should have pushed him out of the way!

    Anantya: Yep, that's what I meant when I said "it kinda sucks to be 28". :) Oh I love Victoria secret too! Amazing catalogue!

  4. LOL. I'm 30 and live in the Us. I've never voted. Why bother? Lower/middle class ppl dont count. the only thing that counts is the ppl with money and power.