Friday, May 05, 2006

Political Parties are ignoring the important issues!!

I am a little disappointed with the parties involved in the election so far. They seem to concentrating on issues like form submission conspiracies and lift upgrading when there are so much more important things to address. I know of one issue that has been plaguing me (and a lot of other people I am willing to bet) for a really long time, and yet I have not seen anyone address it so far.

I am of course talking about the cinema at Orchard Cineleisure. It takes 5 freaking minutes to walk from the MRT station to the cinema. I lost count of the number of times I arrived late for a movie because I (understandably) didn't take those 5 minutes into account. And let's not even talk about times when it rains. I am sure a lot of you have been drenched on the way to the cinema just like me because of the unsheltered nature of the 5 minute walk to the cinema.

But before you think I am being too self-centred, I would like to clarify that the main reason I want this problem resolved is for those old people. Let me ask you, how often do you see old people at cineleisure? (No, those cleaning the toilets do not count). Yeah having a hard time aren't ya? You know why don't you. Yes, It's the damn 5 minute unsheltered walk from the train station to the cinema, it's too much for them to go through. I know this because I once asked my mom many years ago to watch the movie Basic Instinct with me there as I couldn't get any girl to go with me. She really wanted to, but she declined as she didn't think she could walk that far on her bad knees.

Of course, I am not one of those who bitch and moan but not offer solutions. I propose they build an underpass from the train station to the cinema, just like the one from Orchard to Lido. Or else have shuttle buses from the Somerset train station to Cineleisure. Ultimately, it all boils down to this : Do we really want a society with cinemas that only caters to the young and hip and ignores the old and the weak? I will leave you to answer that. But the only correct answer is NO.


  1. If they build an underpass, then we'd all be knocked down by the train.

    Brilliant idea though. The last time I went there I wet myself because I got caught in the rain.

  2. Oh wise one, you are right as always. Start the STD (Stallion Total Democratic) party, and you will have my vote.

  3. By the time someone hears your request and the underpass is built, you'd be not-terribly-young with bad knees too.

    So how about this. Use an umbrella.Wear running shoes.


  4. Buy a raincoat! Turn it into a fashion fad and make wearing raincoats hip again!
    You can call it The Stallion's Wet Weather collection.

  5. okay la...ur funny again..


  6. this calls for a petition. Shall we send it to the opposition as material to use for the next GE?


  7. FF: Well then a shuttle bus ?

    Sirisha: Heh and you could be the first stallionette.

    Mad: Yes, but what about the old people?? Why doesn't anyone care about them

    Femme: Errm ok you can never be a politician.

    N: Ha why just N.

    Jean: What petition, im running next election!