Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Good Friday has always held a special significance for me, mostly because it is the only holiday that gurantees a long weekend every year. But also because it's kinda funny how people act on that day.

Yup, I remember how solemn and serious some of the church-goers would be during mass on that day, this was a long time ago when I didn't have a choice on whether I wanted to attend church. But I remember always finding the whole thing rather hilarious. The atmosphere would be like a funeral. I mean seriously, the guy died more than 2000 years ago. I would think people would have gotten over that grief by now.

But that's not the most ridiculous part. The guy is gonna rise up in a couple of days, everyone knows that. How sad can anyone be when you know for a fact that the person you are mourning for is gonna be back and perfectly fine on Sunday?

I don't know if they still do the solemn thing now though, haven't gone for over 10 years. Do they?

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  1. U just spoke my mindon this..... good one mate