Thursday, March 09, 2006

What not to do on a date: Part 2

In my last post I mentioned how it isn't wise to stare at a girl's necklace as she might mistakenly think you are a perv staring at her boobs. Well an incident that happened yesterday compelled me to mention another tip for you guys out there - Don't catch a movie if you are dead tired and didn't have much sleep the night before.

It wasn't like this you know. When I was younger I didn't need much sleep , 2 hours max a day and I would still be alert and sprightly the next day. However in recent years I can no longer claim the same. For example, I used to last an impressive 15 minutes in bed, now the longest I can last is 5 minutes, after which I stop out of sheer exhaustion and ask the girl if we could just take a break and talk for a while. After which she usually leaves. But I digress. Back to the incident.

I had gone to watch Capote yesterday evening with a lady friend of mine. The only problem was I stayed up the night before to watch the Chelsea-Barcelona match and didn't get much sleep. I could feel myself dozing off within the first 10 minutes of the movie, but I tried to force my eyes open. Then the worst thing that could happen, happened - I started snoring.

Yes, SNORING. Really loudly. But it's kinda weird, I actually heard myself snoring and woke up after like 5 seconds. I looked towards my date, and then I wished I didn't, the look of sheer horror and disgust on her face was something I would have rather not seen.

I started blowing my nose really loudly after that, in a desperate attempt to convince her that I wasn't snoring, that I just had a really bad flu but she didn't buy it. I could feel the lady sitting on the other side of me glaring at me as well, but I decided to just play it cool and not look.

I will not even go into details how the rest of the date went. It's just too painful. The words "awkward silence" wouldn't even start to describe it.

So yes, learn from my mistakes and heed my advice. Get sufficient sleep prior to a date. You will thank me for it one day.


  1. If I fall asleep during a film, I would be kicking myself more for missing part of the film, than for the distress I had caused to my wife/friend, etc. ;)

    Frankly, I can never seem to hear myself snore... so dangerous.

  2. I would have just unceremoniously poke you awake. no awkward silence though. how bout awkward giggles? :P

  3. Kelvin: Yeah it's weird, I didn't know you could hear yourself snore till it happened to me.

    Jean: How rude! Waking up a guy when hes already so tired!