Friday, March 10, 2006

What do you do when 3 punks stalk you?

I am asking you that because that was what happened to me two days ago. This happened after the date I talked about in the previous post. I kid you not, what follows is 100% true (like everything on this blog).

I had just sent my girl friend home, she stays along Frankel Avenue which is this rather ulu (deserted) stretch of road with rows of semi-detached/terrace houses on both sides. It was just past midnight and there weren't any cabs in sight, so I started walking towards Kembangan MRT Station, hoping to get a cab there. As I started walking , I noticed 3 punks sitting at the coffeeshop (which had already closed for the day) opposite the road looking, no make that staring at me. I paid them no heed and continued walking.

After a few moments I turned around again; for some reason I sensed something was amiss. Imagine my shock when I saw the three guys had gotten up of their chairs and were crossing the road, heading straight for me. My heart was practically pounding as I tried to think about the best course of action. I thought of making a run for it, but the truth is despite my nickname I am not really known for my speed, I knew there was no way I could outrun them.

I then thought about screaming "MOLEST" in as high a pitch as I could reach, maybe that would freak them out or something, but then I spotted a car outside one of the houses along the road with a driver in it. I quickly walked over to the car and stopped there, pretending to check my phone. I figured that if they saw that there was someone else they would just leave me alone.

I was wrong. They continued walking towards me. They were much closer now, so close that I could make out a very evil grin on one of the men despite the rather poor light. At that moment I regretted not following mommy's advice. She had, a couple weeks earlier, asked me to get one of those shrill alarm keychain thingys for self-protection, but I thought it was kinda gay for a guy to carry and refused. Sigh the power of hindsight.

Then one of them shouted "Makkal". Makkal is a tamil slang that means "brother" if I am not wrong. I turned around and in the fiercest voice I could muster I replied "WHAT?". Then he replied "POLICE!"

Right. If they were policemen, then I'm gay. They were decked in T-shirts and jeans, and one of them was wearing his cap backwards. My street smarts told me they were not police. So I asked for their ID. One of them gave me a card, but it didn't even have the police logo on it. I kept staring at the card looking for anything that would confirm its authenticity when another punk shoved another card is my face, that one had the police logo.

Then the third punk started pulling out his handcuffs and I completely freaked out at the sight of them. But then he kinda noticed that I was probably on the verge of bursting into tears so he went like "See the handcuffs? We are really police la!"

Well so they were policemen, I was wrong. But I was still unsure why they chased after me from across the street. The guy with the cap then asked for my IC , while another asked to search my bag. I meekly complied, but while they were checking I asked why they were doing this. Turns out they were having an ops that night.

Anyway I guess they realized I was harmless after checking my bag and finding my Icewind Dale Trilogy book, in fact they kinda snickered. Bloody hell, is there anything wrong with reading fantasy novels? They returned my IC and bag, said thanks, and left. As I took back my items I realized my hands were shaking.

Hey it was pretty scary alright.


  1. Were they cute cops?!

  2. did they think you were a drug dealer or something?

  3. I think makkal means people or something. Oh, mon poor Berto, always getting himself into these situations. Why can't these people see that you're an IT geek and in fact, no threat.

  4. Ambiga: No.

    Dawn: Err actually I thought they were drug addicts. I was carrying a haversack for god's sake, which drug dealer does that?

    Makkal: Oh i thot its brother, you dont use it to refer to a gal do ya? My tamil is rusty.

  5. Icewind Dale is a cool book for cool people ok?! Hmmph! And that fucker shouldnt have shoved the badge in your face like that. Prick.

  6. hehe i thot the 3 punks are some gangsters and wanted to whack u....