Thursday, March 16, 2006

They don't make them like they used to

I mean cartoons. I just don't get the appeal of cartoons nowadays. I don't get the appeal of Barney, or Teletubbies, or the current hot cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. Seriously, is a sponge with a bad dress sense really a good role model for kids?

Back in my day we didn't have such lame ass cartoons. We had cartoons that really taught us something. One of my favorites was Captain Planet. Captain Planet was this superhero who fought evil people who abused the natural environment for their selfish corporate gains. He would be summoned into action by five kids who had these power rings which held the five elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart. It even had a nice segment at the end of each episode where they would teach you how you can do your part to save the environment and then he would end by saying "The power is yours!". It always made me feel pretty special every time he said that, it felt like he was talking to me alone.

But yeah I was a huge fan, so much so that I used to wear my own power ring (the Heart version) to school and go around trying to tell my friends to recycle their waste paper. If they didn't, I would point my power ring at them, warning them that I would summon Captain Planet to punish them if they failed to do so. Of course I was just bluffing, you need all 5 rings to summon him, but they didn't watch the cartoon so they didn't know that.

As you can guess it didn't really make me the most popular/coolest person in the word, but every time I got insulted for being an annoying prick I would just console myself by remembering what Captain Planet used to say - "No one can really be cool if there isn't a ozone layer." Anyway I did stop my evangelism after a while, mainly because of the beatings I used to get by other kids who sadly didn't realize that my views were for the greater good.

Anyway my point is Captain Planet really made me understand the value of conservation, cartoons nowadays should do that as well. Maybe that should make Spongebob talk about the importance of democracy and free speech, or something like that.


  1. Captain Planettttttttttt he's the heroooooooooo

  2. but then there's the super cool cartoons these days like family guy, south park and the simpsons, which makes up for all of the lame cartoon crapola!

  3. I dimissed Spongebob Squarepants at first too, but that's cos I hadn't seen a single complete episode. I changed my mind after a couple of episodes. SBSP, though irreverent and idiotic, makes for pretty good laughs! I miss him. Unlike the overly American and brash Beavis & Butthead and South Park.

  4. ....gonna take pollution down to're not alone.

    Weird...but all my friends enjoyed Captain Planet too. :)

  5. Hey dude that is really cool, i like sponge bob, but you are right, captin planet was cool, it had a message! And btw it was earth, Fire, wind, water, heart!

  6. ff: Ah a fellow fan, wished you were there when i was in school.

    Dawn: Ha i mean cartoon for kids! Educational ones!

    Kelvin: Yeah they appeal to different demographics. The Sponge is gone?

    Jes: Cool you too.

    Nergal: Errm thanks for the clarification on the order. You must be a huge fan.