Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tech: Who blocked you on MSN?

I can't believe the number of people who install this crap willingly on their PCs. I guess some people just really need to know who blocked them. Just to inform you guys, it doesn't work. In fact all it does is send your friends annoying messages to ask them to install the program as well.

But if you do really feel the need to find out who blocked you on MSN, get Gaim. Gaim is a messenger that connects to MSN, but it also shows who either blocked OR deleted you. You can't really know which one it is (blocked or deleted) but it doesn't really matter does it?

Speaking of MSN Messenger, why do people insist on using those really annoying animation letters? Am I the only one who finds it incredibly annoying, so much so that I disabled animations/smilies altogether? And also those stupid nudges. I really liked MSN Messenger when it first came out because it was simple and not bloated like ICQ, but now it's really getting annoying every passing day.


  1. add me to msn hensem. we can cyborg sekz. lolololz.

  2. totally agree with u...the animated letters are stupid..half the time they dont load properly and i cant even read em.
    the nudges....the nudges and winks make me want to KILL the sender.

    and people..u dont need a program to let u know whos blocked u! for pete's sake..if the person hasn't come online in a REALLY long time, that should be a darn good indicator that uve been blocked.

  3. bah. I hate all instant messengers! sitting around IMing bores me to tears!

  4. Thanx for sharing Gaim.

    On a serious note - I love the winks, especially the evil laughter! Hahahahahahhah.

  5. Agreed. They use those animated pictures to replace words so all you get is a string of pictures - of which you're apparently supposed to decipher. It makes simple conversation so damn difficult

  6. Anonymous: Oooooh incorrect spelling turns me on.

    Mahima: Ya i know, damn annoying those things. Ha but what if he was like dead or something. They you will be mad at them eventhough it's not their fault@

    Dawn: Awww well I would love to talk to you on MSN sometime.

    Miss Jes: You are welcome love, eeek you are one of those winkers??

    Raine: Cool at least there is one sane teen who thinks that way.