Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sometimes bad things happen to good people

Someone hacked into my blog yesterday and added the post before this. I don't know about any no US trip. Damn you hackers!!

Alright fine, there was no hacking. I am not going alright. Yes you can go ahead and laugh at me for blogging about it when it wasn't even confirmed. But you can imagine my disappointment, especially after telling all my relatives about the trip; hell they were even going to hold like a farewell party for me. You might think it might be a tad overboard, but no one from my family tree has ever been to the promised land (that's what we call USA), it has always been our dream so it was a big deal to all of us. I was like a hero to them.

But now that dream is shattered. My relatives will probably call me a liar now, even if I explain to them that it wasn't my fault. I have lost my dignity and their respect, so I can forget about getting married to any of my relatives now. Mom is understandably distraught, she is silently weeping at the corner of the house as I type this.

Now I know how Job felt. Job was this dude in the Bible who was completely devoted to God, but he lost his wife and kids and his home and he ended up cursing God for his misfortune. Why God why, I was completely devoted to you (except for the porn addiction), why didn't you answer my prayers?

Screw it, I need to get wasted and drown my sorrows. Anyone has a bottle of tequila that they can share with me? Preferably a hot female who can offer her shoulder to me to cry on. If you fit the description please do contact me, it would renew my faith in God.


  1. You poor thing! I'd offer my shoulder if you were a "bit" closer!

    But hey-- Let me tell you. I was born and raised here in the "promised land" and it's not everything the TV shows. If you need some examples-- just let me know!

    I could use a drink or two to restore my faith too!

    Single Anonymous Gal

  2. Awww..*big hugs* that's the best i cld give u... for now. later we go a-drinking k?

  3. Bottle of Tequila huh? I am going to kick you.

    Btw, Job had sores on his body too. Truth be told, if I had been Job and on top of the dead wife and kids, I was to be cursed with bad skin, I would have given God the finger.

  4. Anonymous: Hey babe you have a name? Don't like to call you Anonymous. So you are now in the promised land? Which part?

    Susu: Sniff ok my love.

    Yamuna: Kick me?? When I am already down? Why??? *looks at femme innocently*

    sYe I have sores too, although only on a specific part of the body. Safe sex people, learn from my mistakes.

  5. Hah. Right. Hang out next Friday? Get your laddoo baby to come along? What say you?

  6. Femme: Who are you talking about? You are my only laddu, love.

    You mean next week? I might have to go away, but not gonna make the same mistake till i see the tickets in my hand.

    This fri cannot, got plans. Weekend?

    Errm why are we discussing this here.

  7. You sneaky two timing ****. How dare you flirt right in front of my very eyes?!

    Tell me who's the laduu now?! Yammy, or me? Out with it!!

  8. I have many names! Hmm, which one you want to call me?!? My friends call me TEA. Call me TEA or TINA. I don't have a blog at this site but I do use Yahoo 360 quite a bit.

    I'm in Central US of A... State: Missouri... City: Saint Louis. Where the ARCH is and the big muddy Mississippi River.

    What kind of Job were you going for in Boston?

    ~Tina the Single Anonymous Gal

  9. Oh my God (if there is one at all, after all this), this must be such a terrible point in your life. My heartfelt sympathies go out to you. But in the midst of all this sorrow, it appears your luck with the ladies has soared several notches.

    There is a silver lining to every grey cloud after all.

  10. USA is the promised land? Like seriously? Hmmm - was never to keen that ways myself - Europe on the otherhand is more my cuppa cha. NM, there will be plenty of other opps hmmm..

  11. You will always have my shoulder and anything else you want you hot stuff you!!!

  12. Your milky laddu lah. I was never your laddu, don't wanna be or intend to be either. :) Thanks for the offer though darling. Nice to know there are some men in my life who aren't completely spasticated. Hur hur.

    Next Friday lah. When will you know if you're leaving the island???