Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well actually I should say that next Tuesday. That will be the day I'm flying off to the land of the rising sun, the land of exotic geishas and lush greenery. Toyko, Japan, here I come!

It's a pretty last minute request and they needed my expertise in a certain customer site there so I was requested to go. Alright fine that's not exactly what happened. After the Boston trip debacle I was so distraught that I went around the office with this really sad puppy dog look in my face, the kind my dog makes when I'm devouring chicken in front of him and teasing him with it. I also broke down unexpectedly a few times in the office, I was that depressed.

I guess they couldn't bear seeing me in such pain anymore so they just shipped me off for some random training in Toyko next week. I was wondering why they seemed so nervous around me the last few days, but now I realize it was just an act to mislead me until they could surprise me with this trip. I love those guys but they are a little strange, they are still pretending to be nervous around me!

Anyway I haven't been there before so really looking forward to it. Probably gonna delay my flight to Sunday next week and stay there a couple of days to just do some sightseeing. So exciting. And this time the flight and hotel arrangements have been confirmed so I'm DEFINITELY going.


  1. i art glad for thee my bosom friend. HAHA. =D

  2. The Sunday after next.

    Preetha: Errm why the laugh?

  3. Yay! See, a little bit of guilt treatment goes a long way. =)
    Your poor puppy, you're one mean and sick freak.
    Have fun in Japan, and hey! Talk me online! I can't talk to you, apparently and I've tried.

  4. hmmm, sounds fishy! did they book you a RETURN flight also? ;) you better check into that...

  5. no lol cos bosom friend seems such a funny phrase to be used these days.... ah forget abt me i think iwas feeling HIGHhh. =)

  6. I think he'd rather be your bosom's friend.

  7. japan?! I wont even bother to censor this you lucky bastard.

    come back safe you.

  8. geisha galore Bert? Who knows, u might jus find e love of ur life there. Like u noe, she was nv meant to be indian..and in fact a japanese...go figure..

    come back safe ya Bert..

  9. OMG. I just saw that comment on that betrayal post where you totally dumped me for some anonymous chick!


    i have never felt soooo used and abandoned all at one go. and even before i knew it was happening, it was over.

    *sounds of heart breaking.piang piang