Thursday, March 02, 2006


I put on my extra tight PT (Physical Training) shorts and singlet, combed my hair and got ready to leave. I was almost out the door when mommy yelled to me.

Mom: Where you going?
Me : RT!
Mom: Didn't that end last week?

I turned around and looked at her in disbelief, and then I realised she was right. RT was over but I had completely forgotten about it. It's funny how you can sometimes block things out of your mind when you desperately don't want them to be true.

I walked back to my room. Sat down in my chair and stared out the window for the next few hours. Well actually , I took a break after the first hour because my shorts were too tight and I had to change into something looser. But after that I continued staring. Wondering where he might be, what he was doing.

A couple of friends been telling me my blog has been rather whiny recently. Well I am sorry that my grief over what happened with my buddy is boring you. Would you rather I talk about something completely mundane and overhyped like the circulation of a sex video of a local student?

But to those who have offered words of encouragement and support, I thank you. Especially those of you whom I don't know. Nothing means more to a blogger than concern from complete strangers, it just shows how much people out there care. God bless you all.


  1. I just simply lurve you stallion!!!

  2. Me love you too. Cos i dunno how you can conjure things like that. LOL.