Monday, March 06, 2006

My Moves

I was reading Jean's post about how some guys have certain moves they do when they court a girl they fancy, and that got me thinking about my own moves. Yes they don't call me lady boy for nothing, I am quite the maestro when it comes to wooing the fairer sex. However, I do have an occasional misstep once in a while, and I had a rather unpleasant one two weeks ago.

I was with a couple of friends at China Square when another girl joined us. She took my breath away the minute I saw her, she was quite attractive and had a pretty nice smile. She was also wearing this really low cut top that showed off her ample cleavage, but it was the smile that most entranced me.

Anyway, one of my moves is to compliment a girl on her jewelry. The hottie happened to have this rather exquisite necklace on her so I took a long hard stare at it, just to see its fine craftmanship.

Su: Stop staring at her boobs!!
Me: Eh...What? No I was not staring at her boobs!

But it was too late. When I turned back to look at the hottie, she had covered her cleavage (and as the result the necklace as well) with her handbag, and giving me this really dirty look. I was gonna talk to her and explain that I was just starting at her necklace, but the way she looked at me the rest of the night convinced me that it would have futile.

Sigh I don't know why I keep getting into these situations. All I was doing was innocently appreciating her necklace (which coincidentally was at her cleavage), and people assume I'm being a perv. It's even more disappointing when it's your own friend who thinks that. Yes Su, you really hurt my feelings that day, I cried myself to sleep that very night. So any girls out there, next time I am staring at your necklace I hope you know that's all I am looking at.


  1. But when you met me, I wasn't wearing a necklace.

  2. Santhiyaa : K I admit, that time I was checking out your boobs

  3. I can't keep track the amt of times you wanted my (transclucent) blouse for your birthday 2 years ago. For a fact the buttons refused to shut completely.

    Dude, your eyes are boob magnetized lah. But I still love you darl.

    PS: She WASN'T wearing any necklace that day!

  4. How strange. The last I met you, i wasn't wearing a necklace as well. Now I know why you said my V neck blouse was very nice. Dammit, i really thought you liked the blouse.

  5. LOL

    Bert, do you know what a "lady boy" is? I hope you meant to say you were a ladies' man. A lady-boy is a tranny.

    p.s. The art to admiring cleavage is to glance and then look away so that you won't be caught staring.

  6. aw, let's cut him some slack shall we? He only did it to take his mind off his special army buddy.

  7. dude! you're doing it again! stop staring at my boobs! ;)

  8. It's okay Berto, I know, these days, you love me for my mind.

  9. Lets all find a time to stare at bert's chest someday.

    I love man boobs.

  10. Su: That was two years ago!! I was a horny teenager!!

    Ananti: I loved your blouse ok. Very nice color. It was a very nice shade of green ...i think.

    Yamuna: Lady boy, ladies man what's the diff. As i meantioned i wasnt looking at her cleavage!

    Sirisha: I don't like the tone in which you said "special".

    Dawn: Eh tu Dawn?

    Santhiyaa: Yes and a lovely mind you have there.

    Jean: I got something else for you to stare at.

  11. Do you mean his highly manly pectorals?
    (See how I come to your defense?)

  12. Necklace?? Yea right, we all believe you.

  13. ahem, ... there was no necklace, I should know.

  14. I TOLD YOU! Told ya she wasn't wearing a necklace!