Friday, March 17, 2006

Get your own lightsaber

This is so cool. You can now make a very realistic looking lightsaber by using a couple of basic plumbing equipment. I am gonna try it out really soon, if I can get the parts.

I still remember that one time when I was out with a girl friend, and being the gentleman that I am, I offered to carry this tube she had, it contained a movie poster. We were waiting for the train to arrive, so just for fun I started swinging the tube like a lightsaber and making that whirling lightsaber sound.

Her reaction was not what I hoped for. She stared at me incredulously, like I was crazy or something, and then quickly snatched the tube back from me. And then she called me a dork, among many other things. Sigh. Women.

Link: Make your own lightsaber


  1. I don't believe this. Which girl would be repulsed by a guy swinging about a tube pretending its a lightsabre ?

    She has no imagination.

  2. damn bloddy cool mate. i'm gonna try as well. :P

  3. i agree with sirisha (btw are you ES? if you are then, hello! =P) i pity the girl lol. if i were the girl id say " when you're done swinging it around i want to try it too (:" lol.

  4. yeah, if my hubby did that, I would call him a dork too...

  5. Hmm, I agree with Sirisha.

    A guy who's good with his hands? You can shine your lightsaber beam at me anytime! LOL ;-)

    Single Anonymous GAL :-)

  6. Sirisha: Exactly, thank you.

    I walk alone: Cool, tell me how it goes.

    Preetha: I am not ES. Hmm are we talking about the tube here?

    Dawn: Eeek and I thought you thought I was cool.

    Anonymous: Hmm, lightsaber beams are not to be directed at anyone, they can be dangerous you know,

  7. no dei. i asked sirisha if she was ES. cos if she is then i know her!

  8. yes i am ES :) Hi preetha. We meet in unexpected ways.

  9. haha very unexpected indeed! =) so u remb me eh. hows life

  10. lol bert over the 'no i'm not ES' confusion.. i had to re-read to check if the confusion was self-made, indeed, it was!! ;)

    Just for the record, would find the lightsaber thingy cute as well. Maybe u just didn't do it right, or your friend was just majorly uncool =)

    and wow, your blog can begin giving friendster a run for its money now it seems