Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brokeback Mountain funny?

I been wondering about this for quite a bit. Did anyone of you find Brokeback Mountain funny while you were watching it?

I am only asking because I was pretty annoyed when a sizable portion of the audience laughed during this really powerful scene. No I ain't talking about the sex scene, but (SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD) the scene where the two of them were making out and the wife (of one of them) chances upon them.

She was completely shocked when she sees them. Her expression on her face was telling, it was as if she couldn't believe what she just saw. However for some reason people in the cinema started laughing at the expression on her face, which I really don't get. Then they laughed when he introduced his "friend" to his wife. Again I didn't see the humorous side of it. I really doubt they would have laughed if she had spotted her husband making out with a girl.

So if you laughed, tell me why?


  1. This made me laugh- Brokeback Mountain PEZ Dispensers:

  2. Well stallion, not every one is the caring, sensitive, soft-hearted, tender little flower that you are.

  3. ok i didn't laugh at the parts u mentioned. but i did laugh at the "i don't know how to quit you" moment out of sheer boredom. i demand 2 hours of my life back!!!

  4. JHB: Saw it, Its wrong on so many levels.

    Sirisha: Ah no one ever called me a tender flower before, thanks love.

    Natasha: I thought it was rather good actually, it was slow but very moving.

  5. i haven't seen this movie yet...we never go to the

    I FEEL like I've already seen it though because I've heard/read so much about it!