Sunday, March 12, 2006

Betrayal is an ugly thing

I have always been against the idea of using blogs for bitching purposes. I am of the old school of thought that think conflicts/arguments are better off handled in private between the parties involved, rather than publicized for everyone to see. It's all about respect you see. Sadly, today I am gonna be a hypocrite and bitch about someone. But I have a good reason though.

The person in question is someone I trusted with all my heart, but then I found out later that my trust was misplaced - she manipulated my feelings and caused me great anguish with her actions. You might be wondering what she could have done that was so bas as to cause me to forego my "no bitching on my blog" principle. Well let me tell you.

A couple posts back I talked about the hottie with the really nice rack necklace who mistakenly thought I was a perv. It was love at first sight for me, but after that unfortunate incident I knew I didn't have a chance. I confided my interest in my friend who was there with me, and she offered to try and hook me up with her if the oppourtunity arises. I was skeptical about my chances, but I thanked her for making the effort.

I didn't think anymore about the hottie (at least I tried not to), till I received a phone call a week ago.

Caller: Hi, this is Bert right? This is Hottie (I don't wanna reveal her real name).
Me: : (Stunned) Hey...Hi! How ya doing?

Yup she called me!! I can't really describe in words the way I felt at that moment, it was like having an orgasm. My sixth sense had been right, the sexual tension I felt that night wasn't just coming from me despite the fact that she did shield her chest with her bag. Sigh, women and their mixed signals. But it didn't matter now, fate has brought us together now. I started envisioning us getting married, having two kids and living in a nice apartment in town. But then my thoughts were abruptly interrupted by an almost maniacal laughter. Yup, Hottie was laughing, but I was confused as to why.

Me: Erm why you laughing?
Caller: Don't you know who I am?

I stood there confused for a minute. Then it hit me. It wasn't the hottie. It was Su, the "friend" whom I confided my feelings about hottie in. She knew that I had fallen in love with hottie and she decided to use my feelings for a cheap joke.

My whole world fell apart as I listened to her evil laughter. There would be no kids, no wedding, no apartment. I slowly put down the phone, but the laughter kept ringing in my ears. The laughter that mocked me for even trying to hope that I had a chance with the hottie. People can be so cruel sometimes.

I called my army buddy after that, hoping that he would comfort me, but he didn't answer his phone. I think he lost his phone, I been calling him and leaving voice messages everyday for almost a month now but he still hasn't replied.

I must have the worst luck in the world.


  1. ....................

    Wha'eva dude...wha'eva!

  2. Whatever???? You knew I loved her, yet you did that to me! I hate you almost as much as I hate bittergourd. And you know how much I hate bittergourd don't ya.

  3. awww you poor poor fellow. to be forced to endure such cruelty, more so when u were so unsuspecting. pooooor baby.

    *wiping away tears spilling in a fit of sympathy*

  4. Hmm, your "friend"-- are you sure she doesnt like you herself?

    Out of the blue she's sitting around thinking about you...?? Seems ODD -don't you think?

    She knows your secret and wants to tease you with it. She thinks of this strange prank. Does she often do these pranks on her friends?

    So she calls-- but what did she really want? HMMMM? I think she's jealous of the girl you like because she wants you for herself!!

    In school -- why do the boys tease the girls? HMMMM?

  5. Anantya: I think I'm falling in love with you now. You are single yes?

    Anonymous: Hmm you know something, you might have a point. She sometimes looks at me with lust in her eyes. I always thought it's me imagining things, but now I am not so sure.

  6. awww, poor bert! that chick is a BITCH!

  7. dear anonymous,

    sad to say, i do harbour secret desires for gilbert. everytime we go out his hands will never fail to brush against my boobs - be it in the movies, candy store or even on the escalator. The sexual tension is so palpable i could almost hear myself tearing his shirt off in a frenzy. alas! he broke my heart by announcing his desire for ms big rack. what was i to do but give him his happiness?

    yes gilbert dearest, my love, my one, my munchkin, my laduu. I loved you, but you'd rather go for Ms Rack. There's nothing more I could do but give you your happiness.

    Yes, it's me.

  8. Su: Ah so the anonymous guy was correct it seems. Isn't it funny how the people we don't know actually are the ones who know us better than we know ourselves and each other?

    But I'm sorry, I didn't realise you had the hots for me or else I wouldn't have mentioned hottie as well.

    Dawn: It's ok she's not, turns out she was in love with me. If I had a dollar for every girl who was....

  9. Dawn....

    Believe me when I said I was giving Gilbert his happiness. I wasn't being a bitch. *runs away howling*


  10. Damn everytime i see reference to army buddy, it makes me feel gay...can u please state its ur bmt

  11. Glad to shed light on the subject since maybe you're too far into the forrest to see the trees.

    Indian Stallion: you are close enough to SU to tell her about your deepest secret. -- remember the best relationships usually start as friendships!!!!!

    And-- BTW. I'm a female. not a guy :-)

    Anonymous GAL :-)

  12. Oh, hey I forgot to touch on the chest issue (lol)... Ok, first -- looking at womens chests and being attracted to or obsessed with "them" is SO normal. Please do, if you don't I'd worry.

    I guess I'm not shy about what I've got. If a guy looks me up and down I smile or blush. I think it's great. (ok maybe i'm deprieved of attention or crazy or something)... but i'm proud of what i have and am not afraid to show it...

    Being that the girl covered her chest means she must be insecure (right or wrong?)...

    Anonymous GAL :-)

  13. Anonymous Gal: K I think I am in love with you, forget about my comment to anantya earlier. Most gals would get offended cos they would think that they are being ogled at like a piece of meat, so It's cool that you think differently! You are single no?

  14. Guess my view is a tad different. I've been working on my shoulders and chest when working out... So if a guy stares-- whooo hoo !!! success!! :-) If you don't stare-- I'll cry myself to sleep at night.

    In love with me eh? What about Ms. Big Rack!? And poor Anantya- what if she gets sad?

    Single Anonymous GAL :-)