Sunday, February 26, 2006

Last RT session

In the past I used to dread going to RT (Remedial Training), I always considered it a huge waste of time. But this year it was very different, I couldn't wait for each RT session to begin. My five readers probably know why. It's because of my buddy.

The last two months have been the happiest time of my life thanks to him. I never wanted it to end. But the day I been dreading for two months had arrived. It was the last day of RT.

It was just like any other RT session to the other hundred guys training in camp, but for me and my buddy it was different. We were both really quiet throughout our training sessions, so much so that the other guys kept wondering what was wrong with us - we always chatted and giggled to each other loudly on every other RT session.

After two hours it came to an end and we walked out of the camp slowly. The silence was killing me, so I decided to break it.

Me: You gonna be here next year right?
Buddy: I don't know, I might tried to pass my (physical fitness) test so that I don't have to come next year.
Me: (hurt) Why would you wanna do that?
Buddy: We can't keep doing this. This two months a year thing. It's better if we can pass and just move on with our lives. Can you imagine us coming back every year till we are 45?
Me: So are you saying I might not see you again?
Buddy: Yes.
Me: (Angrily) God I wish I knew how to quit you!
Buddy: (Walking away slowly) Bye buddy. It has been fun. But we both knew it wouldn't last. You take care.

I stood there silently and watched him walk away. I watched him till he was out of sight. Then a smile crept into my lips. I knew he will be back at Bedok Camp next year, I don't know how but I just knew. I turned around and walked back home. I was already counting the days to next year's RT.


  1. gay, i mean good, things never last.

    chin up mate (literally, not the one we do in IPPT).

  2. hahaha. that was funny. i would ask for your hand in marriage but alas, you like men. oh well.

  3. Keith : Well, it's only a year, ain't that bad.

    Anonymous: I do NOT like men. Where did you get that crazy idea?

  4. That was as heart-wrenchingly sad and profoundly moving as Brokeback Mountain. They even said the same things as you two. What co-incidence.

    But there ends the similarity to B'back Mtn. Because you're an arrow or something, I know, I know!

    So that was you I saw at the end of the concert as I hung limply upon someone's arm all the way behind. My eyes have actually beheld the great (straight) stallion! I shall die happy.

  5. you are such a turd! *gasps for air* haha..i can't stop laughing!

  6. Sirisha:

    Ah so out of all the guys at the concert you noticed me, while you were in a limpy state. Could this be fate trying to tell us something? Anyway I added you on MSN, hope to talk to ya soon.

    Oh they said the same things? That's freaky!

    Su: There is nothing funny about the friendship me and buddy share, how dare you.

  7. you sound pretty gay.. I mean okay towards the end.....

    he'll be back. I'm sure. for the sake of all the gay sex, opps damnit (whats wrong with me)I mean times you both had.


  8. Damned! Hope noone think I am the army buddy you were referring to!!

    Good and funny entry like it used to be. Carry on the good stuff!

  9. Jean: Not sure why you keep making such obvious spelling mistakes. Yeah it's only a year. It's not that long. Really.

    Teck Yaw: Ha no that's my BMT army buddy. Why you jealous is it?