Monday, February 06, 2006

Indian Drama

That is what I would call what happened on Sunday. You see, it was my 1 3/4 year old niece's ear piercing ceremony. Yes for Indians, ear piercing is a pretty big deal so they have a ceremony to commemorate it. And the best part is that the uncle (that's me) is the most important person for this, as he has to hold the niece down while the ear piercing is taking place.

I was reluctant to do it to be honest as I really didn't believe in these customs, but after much persuasion from the mom and sis I finally relented. Fine they offered me cash as well alright. But I thought it was gonna be a pretty straightforward affair: I would hold her, while some guy uses the ear piercing gun on her, and it would be all over in a couple of minutes. I couldn't have been further from the truth.

So we were at this jewelry shop at Little India and I was instructed to hold my niece and sit on a chair there which I did promptly. Then the guy who is doing the piercing comes, but he wasn't holding the gun, he was holding a ear stud. That was when I realized that he was going to do it the old way. He quickly works my niece's right ear and he's done a few seconds after my niece starts feeling the pain. But when he started on the left ear my niece started going all crazy and flinging her tiny arms as if they were clubs to try and stop him. And then the damn earring stud broke as he was piercing her ear. And it must have been pretty painful because my niece started letting out this really loud ear-piercing scream.

K I know I should be concerned/upset by the fact that my niece was in agonizing pain, but when I saw my sis tearing up it just seemed so funny that I started laughing. Anyway as expected the other ear took much longer - the guy had to use pliers and remove the broken ear stud in my niece's ear, and then re-pierce it with a new stud. Finally it was done, and my niece was snatched away from my hands by my sister to be comforted.

I think it's safe to say that my niece will never again allow herself to be held by me, she now associates me with intense pain. Seriously the look she gave me as my sis comforted her was kinda creepy. It was like she was telling me with her eyes that she will one day take revenge for my act of betrayal that caused her so much pain. Kids are so cute aren't they?


  1. Shit.

    All my parents did was buy me a teddy bear when I got my ears pierced. Yeah, even when I was 5, I was cheap. :P

  2. You laughed? You're evil.
    The poor baby. You should go ahead and pierce your ears with the blunt screwdriver.

  3. Femme: Well babe I will give you another teddy bear if you get something else pierced.

    Bratty: I was laughing, but I was really crying inside.