Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I might be getting married

Yep no kidding. Mom has been searching for a nice Indian girl for me to marry since my uncle tried to set me up with his friend's daughter last Christmas.

At first I was resistant to the idea, I felt like it was kind of embarrassing to be set up by your mommy, but then I starting thinking to myself; what if she turns out to be really hot, and besides you can never know too many women. So I was like "Sure, get me her number and I will give the chick a call and see how it goes.". You know, just for the fun of it, not that I am desperate or anything. I'm not dammit!

Anyway mom comes up to me as I was getting ready to leave for work yesterday and hands me this piece of paper really discretely. I looked at the paper and noticed a phone number and name on it. Yep she sure is efficient I have to give her that. I looked at her and she gave me this strange smile, like as if she knew something that I didn't. That got me a little nervous, I started thinking to myself, what if the gal turns out to be some kind of psycho or something?

So I am gonna wait a couple of days before I give her a call. Yup I'm playing hard to get, she ain't gonna get a piece of my fine ass that easily! But been thinking about what to say when I call her, maybe I should start off with "Hi, I am Gilbert, your future husband."? What do you think?


  1. Heh, let us know when you give her a call and meet her up!

  2. Interesting, to say the least.

    Maybe you could impress her with a rap. I know that'd catch her attention, at least.

    Gilbert rhymes with Dilbert.

  3. That sounds quite charming if you ask me. All the best! ;)

  4. Sing her Popozoa....worked for Kevin!! lol