Sunday, February 19, 2006

I am a sweating freak magnet

Yep Dawn, apparently it isn't just you who attracts freaks. Was queuing up in camp today to register for my remedial training this morning when I noticed this pretty funky scent. I was sniffing around to see what it was when the guy in front of me turns around and goes "It's my singlet, I went for training yesterday and decided not to wash it since I am going to attend today's training."

I was completely mortified. It was completely disgusting just thinking of the fact that the shirt the guy was wearing was full of sweat from the previous day's training. Why didn't he just wear an extra shirt? Why was he telling me things I now wished I didn't know?

I instinctively backed away, for some reason the stench seemed extra pungent after he talked to me. But the ordeal didn't end there, the guy came forward and kept talking to me!

"Yeah it was because of the 2.4 km run yesterday, that's why I perspired so much. But it's ok, after an hour of training today everybody will smell like that, they won't even notice."

I nodded my head weakly in response. It felt like I was going to pass out. I prayed to God that he would stop talking and move away. But then something happened, a miracle that I would have never expected.

"Hey Bert, there you are! I was looking for you earlier!"

I turned around to see who it was. Yup you guessed it, it was my estranged army buddy. He had seen me in trouble and decided to rescue me. He flashed me his unforgettable dimply smile of his, and we started chatting like old friends. Stinky saw that I wasn't paying him attention any longer so he turned back.

Me and Army Buddy? We patched things up, and are again the best of friends. It's amazing how things work out isn't it. We told each other that no matter what happens we will never let anything destroy the special friendship we have.


  1. Thats disgusting! Bleaghhh...
    On a different note, aww, I'm so happy that you and your "friend" patched things up.

  2. You know how people say it takes a bigger stinko to know the smaller one... :)

    Oh i'm sure you smell normal!

  3. Bratty: Hmm what's with the quotes around the word friend?

    Miss Jes: Right, well dear you can smell me anytime to find out.

  4. you sir, are pretty damn funny. i like very many.