Sunday, February 12, 2006

Getting hot and sweaty on V day

Yup just like last year, I will be in camp sweating it out with similarly unfit men. It's a good thing though, I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. Overpriced flowers/chocolates/gifts and having to look nice, its just too much work for me.

But I will be going out for dinner that evening with this old army buddy of mine. We met on the first day of remedial training last month after almost 4 years of not seeing each other, and over the past few weeks of training together I realised how much I missed seeing him. He had this cute smile that used to light up my day when I was having a hard time back when we were serving National Service, and 10 years later he still has it.

Anyway I got it all planned out. We will be training in camp on Tuesday till 9 pm, after which I will surprise him with dinner at this fancy Italian restaurant called Al Forno at Katong. That will be followed by a midnight screening of Brokeback Mountain. Can't wait to see the look on his face when I surprise him, I bet he never expected me to do something like this for him. But yeah I definitely ain't gonna get any flowers or chocolates, that's just lame.


  1. so you're that jaded over the Future Bride not picking up your call, huh. :D

  2. What makes you say that? Is it wrong to wanna spend quality time with my buddy, just the two of us, without it meaning anything?

  3. damn cock lah u! lol...