Monday, February 20, 2006

Fans considering suing Aiken for being gay

Man this is funny. 9 former Claymates* are suing RCA and Sony BMG for "the marketing and promotion of Clay Aiken as a virginal, asexual character."

Yes, apparently these former fans are upset by the fact that Mr. Aiken did not publicly deny the recent allegations by a former US soldier about them having a one night stand in a hotel room, leading them to believe that the rumors could be true.

So basically they believed Aiken was virginal and asexual because he was marketed as such, and are now upset because they can no longer listen to his music without picturing him getting banged (no pun intended) by a soldier.

Personally I would rather be called gay than "asexual". "Asexual" sounds like I enjoy having sex with myself or something, which is technically not even possible (well at least not for me).

But seriously, there are just some things that are just so obviously gay that you have to be dumb not to know it. Clay Aiken is one of them. My new blog template is another. You don't need to point it out. Yes you know who you are.

*devoted Clay Aiken fans

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  1. Don't insult gay guys ok. They have impeccable taste when it comes to blog templates. I better shut up.


  2. of course he's not going to publicly deny it! that was probably the best night of his life!

  3. You, sir, are gullible. Lawsuit? In what jurisdiction? What, NONE, you say?

  4. Zee: Hmm what insult, i love gay guys.

    Dawn: Ah well maybe he got drunk and just didnt know what he was doing?

    Anonymous: I ain't getting what you are saying, maam.

  5. Apparently there is no limit to what people would sue for. This is by far the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while (a while being between now and your previous post about patching up with your hunny amidst unusual circumstances. you are such a riot!)

    Can we sue too? For having to co-exist with people who eat up Clay's 'virginal' image whole and then whine about it.

    It is upsetting my inner balance I say.

  6. sirisha: I am offended that you find my buddy's act of kindness towards me so absurb, how dare you! And it's buddy not hunny.

    But yeah, it is a little too easy to sue people in America in my opinion.

  7. i'm okay with gays as long as they dont come on me.

  8. Most respected stallion, I humbly offer you my choicest apologies. How could I have even thought to suggest that your special friendship with your special friend was anything more than platonic?

    But the hunny thing was a typo, I swear I meant to type buddy! It just came out all wrong! I am shamed for life now.

    But I shall remain, hoping that someday, you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

    eh, were you at the FF thing with a chinese chick or not. The thumbnail pic you've put up looks curiously familiar.

  9. I truly believe that the Federal Trade Commission is sitting in their air conditioned office laughing their asses off at this. There is no way you can sue for that reason, as that is defamation of character and just discriminating. If they are going to start sueing, they should think of a more legitimate reason as to why and have the facts to back it up. I can think of a million reasons as to why this story is not true and only one reason why this story is true.

    If there was a rumor like this going around about me, I would stay silent and ignore it. I really hope that Clay doesn't give this weirdo a reaction. Remember, you can't ignore the truth, but you can ignore the false.

  10. Keith: Ha so you are saying they can do anything else as long as they don't come on ya?

    Sirisha: Yeah I was there, right at the back. With my friend, she's chinese. And I forgive you, but let it be known to all that I am as straight as an arrow.

    Sarah: I'm guessing you are a Claymate as well? I think the lawsuit is ridiculous, but then again I thought the same about the one where the american woman sued McDonalds for not telling her the hot coffee she bought could scald her when she spilled it. And she won like a couple of million.