Saturday, January 28, 2006

Teen beats up grandma for beer

A 16 year old kid beat up his 60 year old grandma with a 2x4 and then a PVC pipe for not giving him a 100 dollars for beer. Check out his mug shot above, hell even I would be frightened of him, let alone a 60 year old grandma.

"Once inside the defendant grabbed a two foot 2x4 piece of wood and hit the victim numerous times on the back. The defendant then grabbed a three foot piece of 3 inch PVC pipe and hit the victim on her head, back, and legs numerous times."

I just showed this article to my mom and told her how lucky she should feel to have a son who treats her so well. The furthest I go is verbal abuse, and I only resort to that when she does something really wrong, like when she forgots to make sure that my dinner is ready and piping hot the moment I get home.

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  1. nice... he looks like he could be the president of the Future Serial Killers of America...

  2. Ha yes, a face only a mother could love, if she wasn't high most of the time.