Monday, January 23, 2006

Reminder to Thyself

Note: Victoria Secret's Lingerie Show at 10 pm tonight on Channel 5.

I love those lingerie shows, mainly because it is rather inspiring how those women can walk so elegantly wearing so little clothes, just think about how cold it must be for them, yet they still manage to do it effortlessly. Hell if it was me I would probably freeze to death before I reach the end of the runway.

So to all lingerie models out there, I salute you for your dedication. And I also generously offer to take you out for dinner if any of you read this, just to show my admiration for your abilities. Female empowerment rocks!


  1. Oh, did you notice that during the show there was this board backstage that had these running phrases like, "Be beautiful... Be strong..."

    Maybe they should have had one that said, "Be careful your bouncing jugs might give some men in the audience an accident."

    Aren't you sad that Tyra Banks ain't going to do the runway show anymore?????

  2. Yeah that's what she said. Sigh it was pretty sad, I almost teared at the end. Or maybe I teared because I was staring for too long, I don't know.

  3. suuuuuuure.

    you watch them for their elegance.

    riiiiiiight. :)

  4. Haha the vid is still on the internet anyway for you to relive them stallion.

  5. Dawn: Of course, that's the same reason I watch porn too.

    Hyatt: Cool , will download it.