Sunday, January 29, 2006

24 hour Gym and Spa for only 12 dollars!

I been thinking about going to the gym for the longest time but the good ones are usually so expensive.But I think I finally found the perfect gym that is also pretty affordable - Raw's Gym and Spa near Maxwell Road. Membership is only 10 dollars per year, and entry fee is 12 dollars , and that includes two towels and access to a locker. But that's not all, check out the other amazing facilities it has:

Our spa includes facilities such as a gym, hydropool, sauna, steamroom, locker rooms, café bar, smoking area, Sun tanning deck, hot/cold shower rooms, resting area, chat corners, internet-kiosks with game facilities, movie room, aerobic hall, private cubicles and personal rooms which we call the "Barracks" game hall for parties and a dining area.

Alright the "Barracks" part seems a little unusual, as are some of the rules they have (e.g. "No force is allowed on any customers") but my guess is, given its prices, competition for places in the gym is so high that it gets a bit violent sometimes.

Anyway I was thinking of checking it out, anyone else interested in joining me? Oh I almost forgot to mention, entry is restricted to men only for some unknown reason.

Link: RAW Gym and Spa


  1. Oooooooh I love it!!!

    "We allowed re-entry only once for each customer from 5pm - 3am
    Please remember your locker number
    No incoming or outgoing from 3am to 5pm"


    And this...

    "Noodle is $3 with or without ingredients
    Egg, Chicken hotdog & Crab stick"

    I guess some people don't get THAT hungry after a good workout. :P

    Where the hell did you get this shit man???

  2. Sounds a little dubious. Is it some kinda secret gay hangout? :)

  3. $10/year? that's unheard of around here!

  4. Femme: Yeah it's pretty funny isn't it.

    Jes: Ha I think the website would answer your doubts.

    Dawn: It's unheard of around here as well. :)

  5. Its a gay spa. I stake my rep on it.

  6. It's definitely a gay place. Ann Siang Hill and Tanjong Pagar area has many gay hangouts.

  7. Inex and Elaine: Ha what made you gals say that? Could it be the abundant pics of half-naked men on the site? Or the fact that they give a free condom upon entry? :)

  8. yay!!! i bought my psp!!!

  9. coz I have gay frns and they would tell you its for gays too