Thursday, December 22, 2005

Zdnet writer is a leecher

This is funny. This ZDnet writer hotlinked to this guy's image of an Xbox for his ZDnet article, and he paid the (very high) price for his stupidity. Click the title of the post to see it. Hope he's married, otherwise he would probably have a hard time finding dates after this.

Long Boring Explanation:

K this is for those who aren't sure what I am talking about. If you see an image on someone's site and you wanna use it on your own site, the proper thing to do is download it and upload to your own server (or a free image hosting server like photobucket) and link it.

The reason for this is if you just link to his image, the image is being pulled from the poor fellow's server everytime someone views your page, and uses up his bandwidth. And most sites have limited bandwidth.

It's still understandable if a non-techie person does it, he/she could feign ignorance. For a computing site writer to do it is another matter altogether.


  1. i think someone might be doing that with some of my images, but I can't figure out what blog is doing it. I'm having all these weird referrals to my images when I check my stats every day.

  2. Hmm well you could try search for them in google images , it might show you who is linking them.