Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Christmas Weekend

So I had a relatively low-key Christmas this year, except for the fact that my uncle tried to matchmake me with some girl who is a daughter of a friend, but he doesn't really know her. Do I look so desperate that he feels the need to hook me up with someone he doesn't even know that well?

Oh went to catch King Kong on Friday. Almost fell asleep during the first half hour, the setup was kinda draggy for a blockbuster action movie. But it quickly picked up after that and all in all I would say it was a really good movie. The fight between Kong and the dinosaurs is pretty adrenaline-inducing, but the best part was the end - it was really sad, it almost brought me to tears. Fine fine I was tearing a bit alright, but that's only because I have a soft spot for giant gorillas.

Finally, I got this really hurtful comment from an anonymous reader for my facial post:

"...Maybe you should save up and go for a plastic surgery instead. Meantime buy some mirrors to remind yourself how ugly you look...so you'll stop misleading people by telling them how cool or macho you are"

Thanks to that comment I cried for the second time in 4 days. How can people can be so cruel to post such a mean comment considering it's Christmas and all? At first I thought it was my mom, after all she has suggested to me in the past that I should go and "get some work done", but then I realized it couldn't be her because she would have the balls (figuratively speaking of course) to leave her name.

Finally I realized who it was. Yes Chris, I know it's you.

Who is Chris I hear you ask? Chris was this really good buddy of mine in the past, we were really close. Till one night when we both got completely wasted. The next thing I know he suddenly seemed really sexy in that tight singlet of his and a second later my hand somehow found its way to his crotch. One thing lead to another ..... well I will leave the rest of the details to your imagination.

The next morning I told him it was a mistake, that it was the alcohol and his tight singlet that caused it to happen, and we should try and forget about it and move on. But he didn't wanna accept it, he said we could make it work. I told him that it couldn't because I was straight most of the time, and that's when he completely lost it and went all psycho on me, talking about the power of man love and how it can conquer all and weird things like that. I left quickly before he got dressed and avoided him after that.

Anyway the asshole has been stalking me ever since, and now he has found my blog. Seriously Chris, give it up. You ain't getting any of my booty (anymore). I repeat again, it was a mistake, it was just a two one night thing, move on!


  1. that one who left that comment must have been a mong.

    or maybe it's just one of your scorned female friends?

  2. Keith: Nope I am pretty sure it's Chris, because I don't have any scorned female friends (it's usually them who do the scorning).

  3. Hi, same old lonely christmas for me...but this year I spent it in KL.

  4. wow, that facial picture is frightening!!

  5. yo bert,
    watcha doing for new year?
    give me a call!!!

  6. Yo bert, give me a call too. (Just kiddin!)

  7. Wai Hong: Hey sounds fun.

    Dawn: Eh tu dawn? I thought I looked kinda cute.

    Jes: Just give me your number love, and I will give ya a call. I promise!

  8. it's nethia - you jackass.

  9. That's just sad, Chris. Don't you have something better to do on NYE?

  10. Happy new Year!

  11. I have enough balls to post it non-anonymously. it wasn't me.

  12. and you anonymous jackass, don't use my name in vain

  13. dude, lets get out for a drinks someday and marvel at that fact that not only do electronics malfunction, brains too.

    Only sad thing is, there aint no guaranteed period for those brains.

  14. Jean: Yeah babe, I need alcohol. Soon. Sniff.