Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Man with the Facial Mask

Yup that's me at my facial on Monday. I went on the insistence of my sister who booked the appointment for me - she told me that her friends were coming over on Xmas so ANY improvement in my appearance would be a godsend.

When I arrived at the place, there was this ah beng also waiting for his facial. The place was rather small so we were kinda sitting uncomfortably close to each other while we waited, and for some reason I suddenly felt the need to assert the fact that I was not gay. So I grunted. Very macho-ly. Cos' everyone knows that gay guys do not grunt.

The ah beng looked at me, and then he took out his phone and started calling his girlfriend and talking to her very lovingly, that was probably his way of asserting his sexuality.

After 10 agonizing minutes of intense homophobic sexual tension, I was called into the room. I asked the lady if I needed to take off my shirt, and she replied (rather too quickly in my opinion) that I shouldn't. Sigh if I had a dollar every time a girl said that to me.

Anyway the facial itself was really nice, the facialist's hands were pure magic I tell ya, I almost fell asleep at one point. She was pretty friendly as well, we had fun exchanging information about the latest sales in town (e.g. Mango) and the wonderful decorations all around the city streets.

After what seemed like too brief a period it ended. I looked at the clock and it was almost 9, it had lasted almost 2 hours. I left the place with a tinge of regret and sadness, but then I cheered up at the thought that I will be back a month from now. Can't wait.


  1. Lol...can't believe the Ah beng got scared of you. *grin*

  2. I am seriously impressed. We've become quite the regular facial go-er have we? =D

    Never been for one myself, to be thoroughly honest i'm scared of what brutal honesties i might hear from the beautician as to the state of my skin. The same reason i avoid the dentist like a plague, cause they shriek and roar everytime i go in *sigh*

  3. Jes: Yeah well I am a very macho-ish guy..

    C: Well I think skincare is one of the most neglected yet most important things that people should do. Ha your teeth can't be THAT bad. (can it)

    Milktea: If wanting to be beautiful is vain, then call me vain

  4. "hi stallion, i don't think you should waste your money on facials. It won't help. Maybe you should save up and go for a plastic surgery instead. Meantime buy some mirrors to remind yourself how ugly you look...so you'll stop misleading ppl by telling them how cool or macho you are".