Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Big Ass Mistake In KL

Don't you just hate it when you prepare a demo the day before and it works fine, but on the actual day it completely screws up?

I gave a presentation and did a demo in a research institute in KL yesterday; I had spent a good deal of time preparing and testing the demo the day before. However when I did the demo after the presentation it screwed up unexpectedly which was more than a little embarassing, considering how I had hyped up our product during the presentation. I figured out later that the reason for the screw up was my demo server ran out of disk space. Grrr.

Oh and I also accidentally said "big ass" during the presentation. I was like "you don't really need a big ass server to do ...", invoking quite a bit of laughter from the students there, however the researchers themselves didn't seem to happy about it. Still got a token gift from them after the presentation though, that was nice.

It's good to be back to work.


  1. if they have a problem with 'big ass' then THEY'RE big asses.

  2. Was it a big ass token gift they gave you? kekeke...