Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mom/Army Rants

Mom annoyed me again yesterday. One of my clothes fell off the pole and onto the pavement while she was drying them and she wanted me to go down and get them. I was doing some important research (fine was watching porn) on my PC at that time so I asked her to give me a quick sec. To which she said (in Tamil, but I'm translating) - "Please get them now before someone takes it, you are a good boy aren't ya?"

Arrgh I burn with anger every time she refers to me as a good boy. I am 27 and working and doing lots of other adult stuff (hookers, porn) but she is still calling me a boy! Fine, I still live with my parents, but that doesn't mean I ain't a man does it? I got so pissed that I pulled out a thong from my clothes drawer, wriggle it in front of her and asked her if she knows any "boys" who wear underwear as sexy as that. The look on her face was priceless, I don't think she would call me a boy anytime in the near future.

Satisfied with my victory, I then went downstairs to retrieve the clothing. Turns out it was my favorite pajamas, the one with the little Popeye faces on them. That got me feeling a bit guilty about what I did earlier, I would have been upset if someone had taken them. But hell she still shouldn't have called me a good boy.

Speaking of boys, I been seeing a lot of hunky, shirtless 18 year old boys recently. Yes I am been going back to army camp everyday for the past week for my reservist training. Hasn't been fun I tell ya. The food is really horrid (I have seen dog food that looked more appetizing) and having to get up at 5:30 in the morning everyday and traveling 3 hours a day just makes it more fun.

Oh and my old army uniform doesn't fit anymore as well, I had to leave the top button undone (it's button-fly) to get them on. I don't get it, would it kill the army to pay more for uniforms that don't shrink after a couple of years? Alright I know I should stop whining, it's unbecoming of a soldier.


  1. Hey, wasnt ur favorite PJs suppose to be the one with mickey mouse faces on it?! hmmm...

  2. i noticed you haven't been posting your famous poems at the bottom of your posts. just an observation.


  3. humourous as ever and i agree that army sux!!!I deferred mine this yr due to new employment.But well u can run but u cant hide from the SAF.Only a matter of time b4 they call me up sux!

  4. Chic: Ok love its a little scary when you remember details about posts that are like dont know how long ago !

    Mliktea: You know I kinda forgot about that. OK next post will have one ! But err famous ??

    Devile: Ya you cant defer forever.

  5. Aiya, the effect is totally lost in translation when it's not in Tamil man...

  6. u did wat???!!!!!

    if u still wear pop-eye pj's.. u deserve to be called good boy ;p

    by the way.. did it ever occur to you that the uniform mightn't hv shrunk but rather, u expanded?

  7. don't be sassin' your mom!! you brought you into this world and she can take you back out!

  8. been here, laugh and left.