Friday, November 04, 2005

Loss of Humor Explained

More than one person has commented to me that my entries have lost their sense of humor. And hell even I have to agree, so I decided to explain why. Disclaimer: If you are a staunch Christian read no further.

I have recently gained an interest in extreme metal bands. I been listening to bands whose names include Carcass, Death, Rotting Christ, Pig Destroyer etc. And after listening to the abovementioned bands I have realized the truth - that life isn't that funny after all. In fact it downright sucks. There is no God, there is only the Dark One aka Satan, the guardian of all metal bands, and to him alone I answer.

I don't even know why I bother living anymore. I am probably gonna die a lonely and miserable anal virgin anyway, if I am lucky enough not to be murdered or run over by a bus in the near future. And the same fate probably is waiting for you too. You know it.

So yeah don't expect anymore funny posts from me. Instead look forward to reading about how I torch rabbits and kittens as well as performing other despicable acts in the near future

K now most of you probably think I lost my marbles, so I urge you all to go check out the abovementioned bands before you judge me. I am willing to bet one headless chicken that you will be as enlightened as I am now after listening to them.

I have also changed my dressing to reflect my new sense of being. Check out my new look:

Me out camping in the woods

For more pictures like these, please go here


    That's funny in itself man.

    ps. And never again, four jugs of beer k? I seem to have completely lost my voice.


  2. Ha they are pretty good actually.

    Ha I puked once i got home. Damn oily peanuts.

  3. i did tell you to improve your wardrobe but hey, there's no need to go overboard!

    I refuse to meet you if you wear that!

    p.s got spare? :P

  4. How can one resist a man in such a garb? Such a turn on.