Monday, November 21, 2005

I don't get sushi

I just don't get what is so great about it. Went to this place called sakae sushi at Citylink yesterday for dinner with a couple of friends. They were happily gorging themselves on that salmon sashimi thingy. I tried a couple and ..well ....I guess it was alright - if you like your food bland with that unique uncooked taste!

Tried adding more wasabe(sp?) to give it more flavor, and I ended up crying my eyes out. And what's the deal with the expensive prices anyway? 3 pieces of raw salmon went for 6.50!! All the chef needs to do is cut the salmon, and for that he charges you two bucks a slice? Why aren't fishmongers tapping into this market? They could sell their regular raw fish but then have a special "sushi" section where they sell ...err... raw fish. Wait that doesn't make sense, they could just convert their entire stall into a sushi shop and sell "cookable" sushi.

Maybe it's an Indian thing, I am used to having my food with spices and some flavor, so just not used to food without either of them. But then again I do know some Indians who like sushi. Maybe it's just me.


  1. Yes, its just you

    - Your hansome and corny fren

  2. erm, it is 6 pieces of salmon for $6.50, not 3.

  3. Jade : It's still too ex, I wouldn't buy it even if it was a dollar.

  4. i loveeee sushi. and jap food on the whole. but the only sashimi i eat is the salmon one, the rest i'm not brave enough to.

    plus, studying Food Microbiology this semester has really put a damper on alot of my sushi-cravings. *woeful look*

    but i'll keep my fingers crossed and my eyes closed just for salmon sashimi. i obsess about that.

  5. You are not alone. I don't comprehend sushi and sashimi too. Gimme Fish & Co anytime. If I'm forced into a Jap restaurant, I usually order their 'katsu don' which is pork cutlet with rice. I'm a cooked meat and potatoes guy.

    - Kelvin (MI)

  6. Anantya : Ha yes most of my friends love the salmon sashimi. Hmm what does Food Microbiology say about raw salmon ? *curious*

    Kelvin: Ha ok you are probably the first chinese guy I know who doesn't like it. And thanks I will look out for katsu don the next time I go.

  7. unlike Jap AVs and hentai, sushi and sahimi are an acquired taste. you just need to get used to the wasabi and you will love them.

  8. I've never tried sushi. just thinking about eating raw fish makes me wanna gag.

  9. really quick, sushi is rice. not raw fish. sashimi, which is the most exquisite thing in the world, is raw fish. lots of sushi is actually cooked. i should know, i live in memphis, tn, usa and as a sushi chef, i get those who think they won't like it to try it regularly. don't give up on it! try something cooked next time...