Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How to evade your National Service(NS) liability

In Singapore, all males have to serve two years of National Service in the military upon reaching 18 years of age. Anyone who evades it is liable for a 5k fine and/or 3 years of jail term.

Recently there was this case of a 49 year old local who evaded his NS, went to England to study at the Royal College of Music and went on to become a famous pianist. He came back recently and was fined an amount "he cannot remember". He will be performing at the Esplanade next month. Compare that to a case in 1994, where a French citizen who evaded his NS was arrested, fined and made to perform 9 months of training.

So based on the above facts, this is how you can evade NS:

1. 5k
2. A world-class talent in any discipline (piano, painting, porn star, WWE wrestler)

Then simply return to Singapore once you are world-renowned and show remorse for evading your NS. Follow that by offering to perform in Singapore.

Damn it, if only I knew about this when I was 18. I would have evaded my NS and gone to US to be a porn star. With my 50 inch "talent" it would have only been a matter of time before I was world-renowned.

The news article about the case can be found here.

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