Saturday, November 19, 2005

The end of in-camp

Yes I have just finished my 2 weeks of intensive, gruelling classroom training of in-camp training. It has been nothing short of an ordeal I tell ya, at one point I wasn't even sure if I would make it out in one piece.

Yes you might ask how gruelling classroom training could be, but let me tell you it's no child's play. Some days we were forced to watch really bad army movies for long periods of time. Other days they were so cruel that they only allowed us 1 hour lunch break instead of two; apparently the term "nap time" doesn't mean anything to those assholes.

I wish I could talk more about my training, but it's classified. Hell, even the head of our unit told us that his own wife doesn't know what he is doing. And that if one day she finds out he will be forced to kill her. It's THAT classified. So yeah unless you have a death wish do not ever ask me about my military training. If you do I might just have to use my highly classified "dragon's death blow" that I learnt last week. You have to be warned.

Anyway yesterday was the final day, and as we walked out of the gates a whole horde of people were waiting outside. Yes the wives and girlfriends of my fellow mates had gathered outside the camp to welcome them back. But of course there was no one waiting for me. So I walked away forlornly as everyone else kissed and hugged their wives and girlfriends. Maybe one day there will be someone waiting for me outside the camp.

I was in camp for the last weeks.
The food was so bad it made me sick.
What I learnt those two weeks is highly classified.
So much so that even to his wife my unit head had lied.
The days and night passed by torturous and slow
But at least I learnt the dragon's death blow.
Oh and I also found another source of joy
'Cos all around the camp were half-naked teenage boys


  1. il wait for u next time round!

    with pink balloons and all..

  2. You are the best !

    p.s. Who are you again ?