Monday, November 28, 2005

Absurd Inventions

Found this hilarious website where you can find details of some of the worst patented inventions by Americans. A sample:

This is the baby cage, a nice contraception to protect a baby's fragile body from its parents in case they roll over in their sleep. Also provides the baby with the nice comfortable experience of being behind bars.

Another one of my favourites:

The "Bunny Syringe". A nice tool that rids kids of their fear of syringes. And introduces a fear of pink bunnies.

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  1. cool! the bunny syringe would be a nice thing to give to your heroin addict friends at Christmas time too!

  2. Oh thats a cool idea, but i was thinking of showing them to kids during xmas telling them its a toy, but when they stretch out their hands to grab it I will just jab their hands with it !

  3. Americans continue to confound me with their tireless ability of producing crap despite their obvious higher capabilities. Tch.

    I could do with a chocolate dispenser that extends from somewhere out of my headphones or something nifty like that, though.