Thursday, October 13, 2005

Criss Angel blows

Like every cool kid back then, I wanted to be a magician.. I grew up seeing David Copperfield and being mesmerized, at that time I thought he really had magical powers. And I would believe that I had the same powers as well, all I needed to do was to unleash them. I would stare at my crappy breakfast for hours willing it to disappear, or trying to twist the head off the puppy I had back then (RIP Fluffy). But of course, it never worked and pretty soon I realized that it was all just clever illusions done with sleight of hand and props.

But that was until I saw Criss Angel. This guy completely blew me away. He did magic on the street with no props or camera tricks. I started to believe again in real magic. He did amazing things that couldn't be explained like levitating the woman in the middle of a crowded street. That was real magic. He was real. My faith was restored. I started staring at things again to make them disappear, but now I concentrated on women now because they were easier to stare at compared to breakfast. Some of them did disappear, well of their own free will mostly, once they catch me staring at them.

But all that changed a week ago. I was at my favorite unexplained mysteries forum (which is a forum where people discuss alien abductions and the magical powers that they have) when someone posted that Criss was a fake. I got pissed off that someone would criticize the man I hold in such esteem, so I replied and asked him if he could explain the levitation magic he did. To which the guy laughed and said I was a loser and it was an obvious fake and only a dumbass like me wouldn't know it. He then told me to "look at the shoes" and I would know what he meant. Yes people at the forum love to talk in cryptic messages for some reason.

That evening I visited Criss Angel's website like I did everyday, but something felt wrong. I played the levitation clip again. But this time I looked at the chick's feet. And then I saw it. The guy was right, it was an obvious fake. He was a fake. Go see for yourselves. While the lady was being held by the men her right foot was on the top of the left. But when they let her go, her left foot was on top. It was two different shots. The 2nd shot was probably where they did some video editing or used some prop to put her in that position.

So I am telling you guys now, there is no such thing as magic. Don't believe in anything magical, you will only be disappointed, like I did.


  1. they're so good at faking it, it's hard to believe it's not real!

    sorry your bubble has burst.

    I won't even mention the whole thing about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. :)

  2. aww shucks. i just saw a criss angel show over the weekend for the first time and thought it was rather cool. although if i was going to be faked, i still prefer david blaine. he's one freaky fellow - love his card tricks.

  3. DUDE!!!!come on he is cool alright. I don't see you trying, even if its a trick. its entertainment don't spoil it for the kids belive in something you did at their age. and try to live the little boy inside you again!!!!- Keiran

  4. Dawn: K Dawn now you are just being ridiculous, who else took my tooth away last year when I put it under my pillow? Jesus some people...

    Ananya: Ya hes definitely more flashy than blaine. But I prefer blaine too, he has this really amazing eyes that just make you go weak.

    Nergal: The little boy in me died 10 years ago when uncle steve took me to his room to show me his "toy".

  5. Great entry bud!I love magic!Kinda sad he made such a mistake though.

  6. Bert, sometimes you're so naive - its sexy!

  7. These illusions are for entertainment. Criss Angel's tricks look fake. Maybe it is the way the camera is shooting him. David Blaine's tricks looks more real.

  8. actually its just who's able to bluff who. I believe in magics, but not tis kind. the spiritual kind.

    I had friends who could do the same trick about the foot. in front of us and we could still be tricked. seems to be the way the leg is positioned or the sunlight. cant remember.