Thursday, September 22, 2005

I wish upon a star..

I wish I could blog about work. Seriously. The things that go on in my workplace are unbelievably hilarious at times. But I can't. So I shall talk about MSN 7.5 instead.

Yes if you didn't know, M$ just came out with their latest version of their Messenger and added 0.5 more functionality. Basically the ability to send short voice messages to your contacts. You just click on a button and talk to the mic (for no more than 15 secs) and it sends it over to your contact.

Been having quite a bit of fun with it the last week. I been sending really crazy voice messages to female friends. Messages like "Woooo Wooo" (you know, like a ghost), or changing my voice to make myself sound like some psycho pervert, which isn't much of a stretch I have to admit.

Also sang "Unbreak my heart" by Toni Braxton to another gal whom I have had an eye on for a while. Her reaction was kinda disappointing. You shouldn't really laugh when some guy sings you a love song do you? Alright, I know it makes me sound like a complete loser with no life, but I assure you that it's more fun that it sounds. I tried sending voice messages to some of my guy friends as well, but they blocked me. Not really sure why.

Anyway if you are interested in hearing my sexy voice, you can add me using my MSN addy in my blogger profile. Ladies only.


  1. Unbreak My Heart eh?
    Well if that didn't work, maybe you should try, Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. Now that's a winner!


  2. *lol* You are one funny guy lah. How much of a "unbreak my heart" can you squeeze in 15secs?? I think you can only go unbreak my hearrrrrrt... and thats about it.

    You can serenade me anytime,IS.

  3. Apple: I sing the techno version, its faster. U wanna hear msg me on MSN lor.

    Yammy: Ha can, I sing to you the next time.

  4. oh my gawd, you're damm funny.

  5. yah...MSN 7.5 is gd...bud u might wanna check out this site...

  6. i thot the older versions can do web conversation too???

    unbreak my heart is a bit too high la. i'd laugh too if a guy sang it to me. next time, consult ur female frens. haha..

    why cant u blog about work? afraid u get dooced?

  7. I once snapped at you on eM's comment box because of your label.

    Guess I should take that back, I was wrong about you. You're funny and you can laugh at yourself.


  8. smiles : Too dangerous. I am not exactly anonymous (it's not hard to find out my identity if u you know were to look) so could get into trouble for blogging abt work politics.

    Prudock: I remember you. No worries.

    Devile: That site has a lot of spyware.