Thursday, September 29, 2005

Flight attendants call for boycott of Flightplan

I ain't sure about other countries, but in Singapore, flight attendants are often unfairly stereotyped by many as being complete bimbos.

I admit I do have the same bias towards many of them because of an unpleasant encounter in the past, but after reading this article in the papers today, it's kinda hard not to. Apparently, flight attendants in US are outraged over the new Jodie Foster movie Flightplan and are calling for a boycott of the movie, with the spokesman of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) saying that it portrays them in a bad light and undermines "the layer of trust between the passengers and the crew".

A Disney spokesperson responded that she is "confident the public will be able to discern the difference between fiction and the incredible job real-life flight attendants do". Which we all know is just a really diplomatic way of saying "It's a fucking movie, you dumbasses. It isn't real."

What's next? Lawyers suing film companies for portraying them as greedy, manipulative and unethical? Or Native Americans suing for always being portrayed as wise, spiritual men who have the ability to see into the future and say dumb things like "The spirit of the wolf is strong in you"? Or Chinese actors for always being typecasted as shopkeepers, restaurant owners or some martial arts expert and speak bad funny English?


  1. sue yoda for pretending to be a wise man of the orient.

  2. their complaints just make me want to see the movie even more!!

  3. hmm. one of my relos used to choose the SIA stewardesses and according to her, most of them held degrees.

    from personal experience, the friends who eventually became stewardesses are the Hons students. seriously.

  4. Aberwyn: Well you have to sue george lucas sweetie, yoda isn't real.(Just teasing!)

    Dawn: Hmm actually I heard it sucks.

    Myst: Yeah I do have a friend who is one, and she graduated from NUS. But then again I have met a few that speak in a way that makes you think "bimbo".