Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dark Water is as Scary as my Ass....

And I got a pretty fine ass (I do 200 butt clenches a day), so that tells you how "scary" the movie was. Yes, I went to see it yesterday, it was a spur of the moment decision, and it turned out to be, pretty much, a waste of money.

Actually the movie would have been bearable if I didn't go in expecting to be frightened at least a little, it had a half decent plot. Jennifer Connelly was pretty good in her role as a single mother with a lot of emotional baggage, trying to raise her kid while fighting a child custody battle with her ex-husband. And the kid was pretty good as well, she was sweet but not so annoyingly cute like so many other child actors that you feel like putting your hands around her neck and squeezing the cuteness out of her.

But there was not a single moment when I felt the least bit scared. It felt more like a psychological drama than a horror movie. The movie ended after an hour and a half, leaving me feeling incredibly frustrated; I haven't felt this frustrated since that one horrible night in this hotel room (you try getting it up after 10 tequila shots!).

I have noticed that it's a common problem with horror movies nowadays. Either they turn out to be really scary but the plot makes absolutely no sense, hence leaving the movie-goer feeling disengaged and confused. Or they are like Dark Water , decent plot but falling short on the horror bit. And of course there are those that suck at both. Maybe that's why I loved Shutter so much. Shutter was a Thai movie I saw last year; it scared the shit out of me, but it also had a very engaging plot.

I went to watch Dark Water.
Now I wish I hadn't bothered.
Jennifer Connelly was pretty hot.
But a horror movie it was not.
I realise now that ang mohs can't make good horror movies
They should just leave that to the Thai people and the Japanese.

p.s. I haven't seen the original Japanese version, is it any better?

p.p.s Ang moh not considered racist right? *Worried*


  1. its not racist, its seditious. haha

  2. the japanese version was scary tho. did u watch it?

    200 butt clenches??! goodness. if only i'm as diligent as you...

  3. Bert, all i heard from you during the entire Shutter movie was "F***". Music grows intense, "F***". Images start flickering, "F***". Dead girl appears on the screen, "F*** f*** f***...".

    It was fun listening to you during that show. Didnt realise that you were saying f*** because you were scared. hahahaha.

  4. ah!! shutter was a goooood movie!!
    and so i brought the vcd back to aust with me for my friends to watch.
    and to my horror,i found that they thought The Grudge was scarier.

    the grudge!! it was STOOOOPID!!!

  5. yeah the japanese version is real good.
    try it!

  6. Raven : Ha I don't know what that word means. Rebellious?

    Smiles: No I haven't, just like I mentioned at the end of the post. ;) K I might have exagerrated a tad on the number of clenches.

    ThugChic: Hello as I have said time and time again, I was doing that to calm your frayed nerves, I could tell you were frightened so I pretended to be as well.

    Ananya: The grudge?Sigh ang mohs got no taste.

    Lycra: Cool I might get it then.

  7. The Japanese one freaked me out!
    Try the Japanese version of "The Ring" as well, if you feel like having nightmares for the next few months.

  8. the jap version was good...if u really want a good scare, check out's korean..super spooky:)

  9. Ang moh is singlish...don't worry bro