Sunday, September 04, 2005

Album of the Year

It's nearing the year's end and I just wanna highlight my pick for album of the year. This album just blew the competition away in my opinion, and is destined to be a classic. That album is Hillary Duff's Most Wanted.

Yes, the 17 year old teen-rock princess has recently released a greatest hits album after a successful career spanning TWO years during which she had released TWO albums. And it's a brilliant one, including hits like "So Yesterday" and ...err..other hits. I can't wait for her next greatest hits album, which will probably contain the remaining songs from the last 2 albums as well as previously unreleased songs she sang as a toddler.

I guess she released the album as a tribute to her fans who stuck with her during the last two years, during which she had gone through a lot of changes in her life. You know, changes like puberty. And her fans have responded by sending the album to the top of the Billboard albums chart.

And to those who think the album is a pathetic attempt to rip off her dumb fans who probably have both her previous albums, you are wrong. She has included FOUR, count them, four new tracks for them, so that they don't feel like an idiot when they realize they already have most of the songs on this album. Oh and some of the new songs were co-written by her 27 year old boyfriend from Good Charlotte, so you can bet they will be good.

Normally I would be a little disturbed by the fact that a 27 year old guy finds it alright to date a 17 year old teenager, but then again, considering the maturity of the music that Good Charlotte puts out, it isn't all that surprising.


  1. hoiiii. how can you say such blasphemous things?
    good charlotte and hillary duff ruleee...
    *giggle giggle
    *cough cough*

    when pple like U2 and queen and eagles can release greatest hits, why not hillary duff and britney spears, i ask?

  2. hi, came across ur blog. quite good to read and cracks me up too. seems like u have some good thots tat are quite consistent as well.

  3. As the great Matt Groening, creator of Duff beer and Homer Simpson said, "Eat my shorts!"

  4. Last night I just saw her video for, ummmmm, well I forget the name of it, but it was VERY memorable.

  5. Anantya: What? I didn't say anything bad about them ! ;)

    Anony: Thanks, appreciate it.

    Farty: ?

    Dawn: Ha that's because she rocks , that sexy nymphet. Damn wish I was dating her.