Thursday, September 29, 2005

Flight attendants call for boycott of Flightplan

I ain't sure about other countries, but in Singapore, flight attendants are often unfairly stereotyped by many as being complete bimbos.

I admit I do have the same bias towards many of them because of an unpleasant encounter in the past, but after reading this article in the papers today, it's kinda hard not to. Apparently, flight attendants in US are outraged over the new Jodie Foster movie Flightplan and are calling for a boycott of the movie, with the spokesman of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) saying that it portrays them in a bad light and undermines "the layer of trust between the passengers and the crew".

A Disney spokesperson responded that she is "confident the public will be able to discern the difference between fiction and the incredible job real-life flight attendants do". Which we all know is just a really diplomatic way of saying "It's a fucking movie, you dumbasses. It isn't real."

What's next? Lawyers suing film companies for portraying them as greedy, manipulative and unethical? Or Native Americans suing for always being portrayed as wise, spiritual men who have the ability to see into the future and say dumb things like "The spirit of the wolf is strong in you"? Or Chinese actors for always being typecasted as shopkeepers, restaurant owners or some martial arts expert and speak bad funny English?

Dark Water is as Scary as my Ass....

And I got a pretty fine ass (I do 200 butt clenches a day), so that tells you how "scary" the movie was. Yes, I went to see it yesterday, it was a spur of the moment decision, and it turned out to be, pretty much, a waste of money.

Actually the movie would have been bearable if I didn't go in expecting to be frightened at least a little, it had a half decent plot. Jennifer Connelly was pretty good in her role as a single mother with a lot of emotional baggage, trying to raise her kid while fighting a child custody battle with her ex-husband. And the kid was pretty good as well, she was sweet but not so annoyingly cute like so many other child actors that you feel like putting your hands around her neck and squeezing the cuteness out of her.

But there was not a single moment when I felt the least bit scared. It felt more like a psychological drama than a horror movie. The movie ended after an hour and a half, leaving me feeling incredibly frustrated; I haven't felt this frustrated since that one horrible night in this hotel room (you try getting it up after 10 tequila shots!).

I have noticed that it's a common problem with horror movies nowadays. Either they turn out to be really scary but the plot makes absolutely no sense, hence leaving the movie-goer feeling disengaged and confused. Or they are like Dark Water , decent plot but falling short on the horror bit. And of course there are those that suck at both. Maybe that's why I loved Shutter so much. Shutter was a Thai movie I saw last year; it scared the shit out of me, but it also had a very engaging plot.

I went to watch Dark Water.
Now I wish I hadn't bothered.
Jennifer Connelly was pretty hot.
But a horror movie it was not.
I realise now that ang mohs can't make good horror movies
They should just leave that to the Thai people and the Japanese.

p.s. I haven't seen the original Japanese version, is it any better?

p.p.s Ang moh not considered racist right? *Worried*

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Scary website

Got this from a friend. It's one of those horror websites that try to scare you, but it's done in a very subtle and interesting way. Check it out (click the title of the post), but only if you don't mind getting a scare.

Monday, September 26, 2005

To keep or not to keep?

Was reading this blog entry where the writer found a digital camera in the cab she was in. She surrendered it to the cab driver.

It was a rather admirable thing to do. But if I was in that situation, I would have kept it. Why? Because I have lost my wallet thrice, and I didn't get it back on all three occasions. That it pissed me off. So why should I care about someone who lost their digital camera, especially someone who I don't even know? Of course it works both ways. So if it ever happens to me, I would just accept it and blame my own carelessness, rather than lament the fact that no one was honest enought to return it.

I have to admit that it sounds like (and probably is) a selfish attitude to have. But past experiences have taught me that it is pointless to be nice to everyone. So now I reserve my caring for people who I really care about, people who I feel deserve it.

So what would you do in this situation?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I wish upon a star..

I wish I could blog about work. Seriously. The things that go on in my workplace are unbelievably hilarious at times. But I can't. So I shall talk about MSN 7.5 instead.

Yes if you didn't know, M$ just came out with their latest version of their Messenger and added 0.5 more functionality. Basically the ability to send short voice messages to your contacts. You just click on a button and talk to the mic (for no more than 15 secs) and it sends it over to your contact.

Been having quite a bit of fun with it the last week. I been sending really crazy voice messages to female friends. Messages like "Woooo Wooo" (you know, like a ghost), or changing my voice to make myself sound like some psycho pervert, which isn't much of a stretch I have to admit.

Also sang "Unbreak my heart" by Toni Braxton to another gal whom I have had an eye on for a while. Her reaction was kinda disappointing. You shouldn't really laugh when some guy sings you a love song do you? Alright, I know it makes me sound like a complete loser with no life, but I assure you that it's more fun that it sounds. I tried sending voice messages to some of my guy friends as well, but they blocked me. Not really sure why.

Anyway if you are interested in hearing my sexy voice, you can add me using my MSN addy in my blogger profile. Ladies only.

Friday, September 09, 2005

To Switch or not to Switch?

Let's say you are on a gameshow. The hosts shows you 3 doors, 2 have goats behind them while 1 has a car. The host then asks you to pick one door. After you do that, he opens one of the doors that you did NOT pick and reveals a goat. He then asks you if you would like to change your choice and switch to the other door, or keep your original choice.

The question: Do the odds of you getting the car increase if you switch? Or is it 50%, so it doesn't matter if you switch or not?

The puzzle is actually a very famous one. In 1990, Marilyn vos Savant published her answer to the puzzle in her newspaper columm and immediately got thousands of letters claiming she was wrong, some of which were PHD holders and professional mathematicians.

Anyway I got this puzzle from a book I am reading now called "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" by mark haddon, a story about an autistic teenager with amazing memory and logic skills who tries to solve the murder of his neighbour's dog in the style of his favourite detective, Sherlock Holmes. It's quite an amazing read so far, highly recommended.

Update: The answer (this is for you, Frankie):

1st Choice
/ | \
G1 G2 C
S/ \NS S/ \NS S/ \NS <--- 2nd choice after Host reveals one goat
C G1 C G2 GX C

G1 - Goat 1
G2 - Goat 2
GX - Either Goat
C - Car
S - Switch
NS - Not Switch

As you can see from all the possible outcomes in the badly illustrated diagram, you get 2 out of 3 chances to get a car when you switch, and only 1 out of 3 chances when you don't.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I like to see penguins getting bashed with clubs

Yep, that's the truth. . I actually derive a certain pleasure from seeing it, being the horrible meat-eater that I am. Click the title of the post to do the same (Shockwave Flash needed). For the record, my highest score is 322.9.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dating and Sex

I was at Borders checking out chicks browsing books a couple days ago when the title of a book caught my eye. It was "A True Story of 1001 Nights Without Sex" by Suzanne Schlosberg. I guess I noticed it because I a friend I know could relate to the title. Anyway I picked it up and started reading it, and pretty soon I found myself giggling like a little schoolgirl. Yeah it was a pretty funny book. Basically, the book is about the author's "streak" of going without sex after her break-up and her attempts to break it without resorting to one night stands. So she tries a multitude of ways to find a mate, from speed dating to to moving to a completely different state, with mostly disastrous but funny results.

A couple of excerpts from the book:

"Eliminating men who sent e-mails like 'My best friend is my hairless little dog' ..." - Her filtering policy

"I did make a mental note that he appeared to be showing the same amount of excitement toward my breasts as one might show toward, say' a pair of mouldy tomatoes." - About her first sexual partner, who, unsurprisingly, turned out to be gay.

Highly recommended, especially if you can relate to horrible dating experiences. Or as in my case, have a friend who can.

Fine fine I don't have a friend, it's me. Jesus, you people are so quick to judge aren't ya. Anyway it got me thinking about my own dating experiences, I had some really horrid ones which seem awfully funny now I think of them. And that got me thinking about the man-dates that I have had, and how most of them turned out to be rather pleasant experiences. And that got me comparing my dates with women and men and the advantages and disadvantages of each. And well this is what I came up with:

1. Conversation

With female date - You gotta be polite and not make any crude remarks or risk offending her. ("Wait a minute, you aren't wearing a bra are you?")

With male date - Screw politeness, you can pretty much say or cuss anything you want ("That fucking waiter glared at me, what the hell is wrong with a man date?? Asshole!")

2. Paying attention

With female date - You have to try and focus all your attention on your date, and not on other women, not even for a second. Not even if some hot gal gives you a wink and flashes cleavage at you. Or comes up to you and sits on your lap during dinner. Alright the latter didn't happen to me, but that's only because I didn't return her wink in the first place.

With male date - Hell he would probably join you in ogling at the hot girl.

3. Accidental touching

With female date - If you touch some forbidden part of your date accidentally, that's it. You can apologize all you want but it doesn't matter, you will probably be labeled a sexual predator by her and whoever she complains to for the rest of your natural life.

With male date - If you touch some forbidden part of your date accidentally, you both just pretend it didn't happen. I have accidentally touched a guy's butt during a man date, after which he casually asked me where we were going for dinner. Totally cool, it's like it never happened.

4. Uncomfortable silences

Female date - I hate these. You are suddenly left with nothing to say and it gets all quiet and weird. And then you start figeting and picking at the pimple at your face and it goes all downhill from there.

Male date - It never happens. Even if you run out of things to say there's always a) soccer ("So Man Utd really suck nowadays eh?") and b) army ("So what camp were you in?")

5. End of the date pleasantries

Female date - You gotta be nice and say you have a good time even if you didn't.
Male date - Pleasantries? It's brutal honesty baby. ("I have had a better time with my dog, asshole")

6. Sexual tension between you and your date

Female date - Exciting and incredible feeling, even if most of the time I seem to be the only one feeling that tension.

Male date - It only happened once. And...well I would rather not talk about it anymore.

7. Getting lucky

Female date - I have the possibility of getting lucky at the end of the date. (hey, it has to happen sometime right? Like hello, it's simple probability!)

Male date - The only way he's getting lucky with me is if we were in prison.

So it seems like there are more pluses to man dates compared to woman dates for me. Maybe I should start going out with guys more often.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Album of the Year

It's nearing the year's end and I just wanna highlight my pick for album of the year. This album just blew the competition away in my opinion, and is destined to be a classic. That album is Hillary Duff's Most Wanted.

Yes, the 17 year old teen-rock princess has recently released a greatest hits album after a successful career spanning TWO years during which she had released TWO albums. And it's a brilliant one, including hits like "So Yesterday" and ...err..other hits. I can't wait for her next greatest hits album, which will probably contain the remaining songs from the last 2 albums as well as previously unreleased songs she sang as a toddler.

I guess she released the album as a tribute to her fans who stuck with her during the last two years, during which she had gone through a lot of changes in her life. You know, changes like puberty. And her fans have responded by sending the album to the top of the Billboard albums chart.

And to those who think the album is a pathetic attempt to rip off her dumb fans who probably have both her previous albums, you are wrong. She has included FOUR, count them, four new tracks for them, so that they don't feel like an idiot when they realize they already have most of the songs on this album. Oh and some of the new songs were co-written by her 27 year old boyfriend from Good Charlotte, so you can bet they will be good.

Normally I would be a little disturbed by the fact that a 27 year old guy finds it alright to date a 17 year old teenager, but then again, considering the maturity of the music that Good Charlotte puts out, it isn't all that surprising.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blogging Cliches

1. Apologising for not posting for such a long time.
2. Mentioning that you can't think of anything to write about.
3. Bitching about another blogger.
4. Writing about how lonely/alone/miserable you are/feel.
5. Bitching about how badly your ex treated you and didn't understand you.
6. Bitching about how your current bf/gf treats you and doesn't understand you.
7. Mentioning the words "blog", "blogging", "blogosphere" etc. in your post.
8. Mentioning how amazing the bf/gf is.
9. Plugging other bloggers repeatedly.
10.Posting pictures of cute bloggers.

Any more?

Disclaimer: Not directed to anyone in particular. Hell I been guilty of some of them as well.