Saturday, August 20, 2005

White couple with black friends

I stumbled onto this rather inspiring site started by a white couple, Sally and Johnny, about the how much black people love them. The testimonials page (from some of their black friends) is priceless. Here's some samples:

1. "Sally and Johnny recognize that as a black man, I'm an expert on self-defense and the ways of organized crime. Whenever they are about to go to a "bad" neighborhood, they ask me for my advice. That's phat."

2. "Sally is so thoughtful. She always tries to set me up with every black man she knows. Since we're both black that means my date and I will have so much in common."

I especially can relate to the 2nd one. I lost count of the number of times friends try hook me up with their Indian gal friends just because they are also Indian.

Click the title of the post to go to the site.


  1. great link!

    i suppose those who found it offensive didn't like the reflections they saw in the mirror, eh?


  2. I remember seeing that site a long time ago! guess it's been up forever. I don't think they've updated it at all either. It's obviously a joke. Right???

  3. you are living in a country where indians are 2nd class citizens when social realities are considered. 'your' counterparts in the UK wouldn't stand for half the nonsense you people take to be 'alright' or 'true and natural'.

    When i was there in singapore in the 70s and 80s, my, how different it was. There were two classes, (excluding ses)the english-speaking chinese and the mandarin-speaking chinese.

    The ES chinese looked down on the MS chinese and largely assoicated with the ES indians, eurasians. Lots of ES chinese girls went for ES indian guys because they were found to be more intelligent, witty. If this was allowed to continue, singapore would have gradually become a truly homogenous nation with people being distinguished by creativity rather than anything else. The economy would have gradually been taken over by the English, in language and perspective, educated. Could have become like the UK, except even better.

    Well, that's all history now. Singapore is now populated by a highly retarded version of what it could have been. The 'indians', living under a dominant chinese culture, have inevitably become diluted in intelligence and perspective and are only a small portion in comparison to the ES indians in singapore back in the 70s.

    'he who has no knowledge of the past, has no vision of the future.'

  4. Jupiter : You mean the site?
    S: Yeah it's pretty funny eh.
    Dawn: Yeah its a joke.
    Anony: So smart, you are!
    Inquisitor: Err thanks for the speech. Does it relate to the post in any way, sorry I'm asking, it's probably cos of my diluted intelligence.