Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wedding Crashers

Went to watch Wedding Crashers with a guy friend and 2 recent female acquaintances. It was a really funny movie, haven't laughed that hard in a long while, but if you gonna catch it make sure you check your brain at the door. The humor is very American Pie, involving a lot of sex jokes and digs at homosexuality. Christopher Walken was criminally underused though. Oh and eventhough it was
NC16 they still snipped off some scenes, one of which was really obvious and really annoying, I really wanted to see Dr Quinn's boobs,.

I just realised that the lines I been using on women don't really work anymore, that could be the reason for my recent spat of bad luck with women folk. Told one of the gals that this was the first time I took a gal to a movie at Cineleisure, I was hoping she would be touched. But she pointed out that a week ago I wrote in my blog about taking out a female friend to a movie there as well. Talk about an awkward moment. Damn you, you popular, widely-read blog. You have become a liability.

In a couple of hours I am off to Fort Canning Park to go see Slipknot in concert. Can't wait, I been bored out of my mind recently, so am really looking forward to a a night of loud, angry music with self-loathing lyrics. Hope it doesn't rain though.



  1. what does that say? you shouldn't shit where you blog... hmm doesnt sound right but wathell. :P

  2. Err I never heard that phrase before. But fine, I will stop blogging in the toilet.

  3. hey stallion, so when are you going to take me out hehe

  4. hey..
    long time!
    my comp is so gone. cant really use yahoo for sometime.
    how u been?
    missed ya!

  5. Dude... your blog's cool.
    No, Im not sayin it for the sake of sayin it. I think you write real good.
    BTW, how the hell was the concert??? Everyone of my frens were there... and they just called a while back to tell me what I missed. Been down with a bad flu since saturday and had to give away the 100$ ticket to one lucky mofo... well... he thinks im the best person in the world rite now... so it's cool..

  6. Jax: Humility isn't one of your strong suits is it?

    Hearer: Ha I missed ya too love.

    Cha: Thanks Cha, I appreciate it. You a chick? If you are, then you should know that writing isn't the only thing I'm REALLY GOOD at.