Sunday, August 07, 2005

Skin and Bad Service

Watched Mysterious Skin with my friend J yesterday, a rather disturbing movie about two boys who were molested by their baseball coach and how it affected them - one becomes a reclusive introvert, the other a teen prostitute. Definitely not easy to watch considering the subject matter and some pretty graphic scenes, but I highly recommend it nonetheless.

Had another bad experience at another restaurant at Cineleisure, it's the one beside Subway. Firstly they served us our main courses before the salad we ordered, and J's Alfredo was drowned in cream sauce and she could only manage a few mouthfuls before she gave up. We called the waitress and told her about it, she nodded her head and went away. And never came back.

So we called another waiter over and repeated our complaints, and he offered to replace the Alfredo. J was by this point was feeling sick because of the cream overdose so didn't have the appetite to eat. So she asked if they could waive the price for the Alfredo. To which the waitress replied "I'm sorry but we keyed it in to the register, so we can't do that". RIGHT. So I guess if you key in the wrong order the customer has no choice but to pay for it eh?

Anyway she called another of her colleagues who came over. Again we repeated our story to him, and he was like "Tell me what you want and I will do it for you". Which I thought sounded a bit wrong but I let it go. But when we asked that the Alfredo be removed from the bill he was like "I'm not sure I can do that, let me get my manager."

So the manager came and went "I'm the manager. What you want?". At that point we realized where the waiters/waitresses got their excellent customer service skills from. J told her that we had already repeated our complaint to 3 waiters before her, and if it was really necessary to repeat it once more. The manager went "Ya!". So we did that and her response was customers in the past feedback that the Alfredo was too dry and that was why they made it more creamy. RIGHT.

Have to clarify that we weren't really looking for compensation in the beginning, but at least an acknowledgement and an apology, rather than giving ignoring us or giving lame ass excuses like it has already been keyed in the register. In the end they offered J a complimentary drink of iced tea which was in a smaller glass than the one she had earlier. (I guess that's their complimentary glass size).

So I am wondering where are the places with really good service without being too ex (15-20 for main course). I know Brewerkz is definitely one. Can anyone recommend anymore?

Oh and I told J about what happened with my bag and how my horrid friend refused to give up the scoop of ice cream that was rightfully mine. She replied "And you wonder why you are still single." Sigh, what does a guy have to do to get any sympathy around here?


  1. Coffee Club Raffles Place.Pretty excellent service for decent prices.They even have an italian set dinner going on now.The desserts are fantastic too.

  2. This is horrible. What SOBs can treat you like that? Shudda given them a piece of your mind. I would have yelled.
    Try Amici-one of my faves, at Holland V...excellent service, great food and whats more, lunch specials at $8. It used to be the onyl restaurant in HV that didn't charge for svc and encouraged, not any more. But at least its a great place. I recommend their butter and sage ravioli. (since your friend doesnt like creamy goop)

  3. ooh. are u talking abt Phin's? i've yet to try out that place but people have been giving it pretty alright reviews.

    not that i know alotta people who eat there.. hm. (FOOD for thought perhaps?)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions pple!

    Hearer : Nothing much.

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  6. You can't have good service for less than $20-$30/main course in Singapore - If you have come across such a place - please do tell me, Ive given up on finding such a place. Places where the service impresses - also impress with their prices - one such place is Morton's of Chicago - Pan Pacific Hotel. The other (slighly less heart-attack inducing prices) Stuart Anderson's - Fullerton. And oh, the sky-high mud-pie is to die for there!