Thursday, July 07, 2005

Special Price, My Brown Ass

Went to Queensway Shopping Centre with the sis yesterday to shop for new clothes. I been in real need of a change of wardrobe due to the fact that my bulging stomach muscle has rendered most of my clothing useless.

Got myself 3 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts, all in all it was a good shopping experience, I was able to find clothes my size rather easily yesterday, which is one of the biggest problems I usually face that make me hate shopping. But had this pretty funny encounter at one the shops. I was going to buy on buying this funky polo T-shirt and this shiny ah-beng jeans (for Mambo nights at Zouk), but I was also very keen on this other pair of jeans that really accentuated my long legs and showed off my perky bum. But buying all of them would set me back $130 so I tried to get her to bring down the price.

Sis: Can give cheaper, our budget is only around 100. How about 115.
Saleslady: K...I give you special price. But you cannot tell anyone alright. *Starts pressing on her calculator furiously* I can give you a dollar off both jeans. So I give you everything for.....128 dollars!

WTF , she gives a two freaking dollars discount "specially for me" and she wants me to keep it a secret? Ya I am sure if I tell people about it they would all rush down and demand her generous two dollar discount. Miserly patronizing bitch. I was getting a bit irritated by this time so ....

Me: It's ok I will just get the beng jeans and the polo T then.
Saleslady: Oh..then the other one?
Me: (Super cool demeanor) Can't afford it. It's alright, wasn't that keen on it anyway.
Saleslady: Wait wait...let me talk to my boss first.

Boss comes over and tells me that he will give me that price, eventhough it is the first time he has ever given such a big discount. Ya RIGHT, and I have a small dick. But he warns me not to tell people about it, or there will be grave consequences, like I will never be offered two dollar discounts ever again.

So after all the drama, I got my 2 jeans and funky polo T for 115 dollars.


  1. haha this is EXACTLY like russell peters imitating the the chinese dude on his show..
    u guys should download it..
    its a must-see!

    um gilbert..the shiny beng pants are SO 3 years ago..
    maybe thats why they gave u that 'special' discount?

  2. Caleb: Err like ....duh!

    Mahima: YA I seen it, and it was so uncannily similar to the video! Err did I mention the shiny jeans were for MAMBO night. You know like retro?

  3. You still bring along your mum and sis when buying clothes! Brings back memories.

    "Dei boy, go try this and show me"

    "thamby, isit too tight? Turn around and show me. I can ask aunty to give you one size bigger?"

    No wonder all my old photos had me wearing leopard print shirts and matching pink bell bottom pants.

  4. Vidkid : Sorry, unlike you I have never gone shopping with mommy, well not at least since I was a kid. Don't see what's wrong with going with my sis, she has decent taste in clothes.

  5. the whole rejection of goods and wanting to walk away fiasco is one of the essentials of successful bargaining. u did good. congrats. =p hope u've been well.

  6. Overused pasar malem "salestalk". Sometimes i feel like calling their bluff, but i have no idea why i don't.

  7. They always treat whatever small discount to be a big thing. Of course to them every cent counts but to us every dollar also counts hor!

  8. Man, you should come up to Ch1na for training. We do this everyday!!

    Right now, we are all trained to be ruthless. We start at 1/4 of their asking price and slowly work up to 1/3.

  9. bert..there's NO excuse for shiny pants..ever.
    mambo or no mambo night..
    *mahi dials the fashion police*

  10. Mahima : As my mommy used to tell people who made fun of me, "jealousy is an ugly thing."

  11. Diana: It's been a while hasn't it. Hope you been well too. Drop me a mail sometime, would love to know what you been up to.

    Apple: Ya I felt like saying "Cut the bullshit, you can give me 115 or not. Yes or no. That's all I want." . But I got no balls.

    Lancerlord: Ya bloody misers.

    jaywalk: Ah so that's what you do in China.

  12. went to check out xbox games the other day, and the sign said 30% off. So i asked for Forza...the guy goes..i give u special price..68$. Yes-you guessed it correct, it retailed at 69$.I snapped right back at him "THAT IS NOT A SPECIAL DISCOUNT" and stormed off.