Wednesday, July 13, 2005


One thing that very few people know about me is my artistic ability. Yes, yours truly used to dabble in the fine arts of drawing and painting when I was younger. One of my favorite pastimes was to freeze frame porn clips and then draw out the scene on my little sketch pad. I did wanna draw using a live subject but most of the girl friends I asked reacted in disgust, some even went to the extent of asking their boyfriends to make sure I never bothered them again.

It's just so hard being an artist in Singapore, people here are so close minded when it comes to nudity . The human body has always intrigued me with its natural beauty, its curves and its arches, I only wanted to show that to other people. But after numerous beatings/spitting from women and their boyfriends, my passion for it totally faded.

Until I saw this post by milktea asking for artwork from her readers. Immediately I felt something deep inside of me, a spark being rekindled from the ashes of my passion for art. I decided I would draw once again.

So I went to Artpad and started working on my masterpiece. Five hours later, it was complete. I was proud of it, despite the years of inactivity it was pretty obvious I had not lost my touch. I sent it to her, not expecting anything in return - it was my gift to her, for reminding me of the joys I had missed from painting.

SO you can imagine my surprise when it appeared as one of her favorites. You can click the link and see the drawing if you want to. I had not expected it as I figured she would probably not appreciate my masterpiece due to her lack of artistic knowledge but I was pleasantly proven wrong. Well her knowledge of art isn't THAT amazing to be honest, considering she chose someone else's drawing over mine as her favorite, but really it doesn't matter because I never expected anything in return in the first place.

So thank you Milktea. And Happy Birthday.


  1. Very artistic indeed! *hides grin*

  2. I should be the one thanking you for sparing FIVE hours of your time for that pretty pretty artwork.

    ps. you should post the link to your artwork for your readers to see.

  3. hey stallion..
    sorry could not see your pic as indian computers in my office date back to 253 A.D. But yeah hows u?

  4. poor indianstallion... here's another drawing i spend some time on for a friend -


  5. 22nd July.
    Launch pARTY thingamujjig at Club Ola.
    Sms me if you're interested.

  6. Apple : Thanks I'm happy to meet some one with a taste for the fine arts.

    Milktea : Ha I posted the link to your post with the drawing mah, must give you credit for inspiring me.

    Hearer : Eh its a picture file cannot view meh? I am still having a nice time here thanks!

    Jenius : Saw it. It's pretty good, you have talent. Remind me of me during my prime.

    Yamuna: Sure give ya a call when I get back on Sunday.