Sunday, July 24, 2005

More on skin care

I can't believe people actually thought I paid 120 for a facial! Obviously I ain't that crazy to pay that kinda money for a facial, it only cost me 60, the other 60 I spent on a facial kit for men. As TY mentioned in my last entry's comment section, the problem with facials (and I am sure most guys out there will agree) is that you are prone to pimple breakouts after you gone for one. This used to frustrate me always, but now thanks to the skin kit it isn't a problem anymore.

Basically the skin kit consists of a cleanser, facial scrub, shaving gel, moisturizer and a medicated clearing gel. I especially love the clearing gel, you put it on at night before you sleep and it regulates oil production from your face to prevent those nasty pimple breakouts. It has worked wonders for me so I highly recommend it. And if you get it within the end of this month you get these 2 really cute teddy bears for free! Aren't they like the cutest bears you ever seen?

Went to Brewerkz with a male friend last Friday on a man date (because we were both kinda in a dating slump). It was going pretty well, until this Indian waiter started trying to chat us up. You know the type - the typical Indian guy who's charming, cocky, talks a lot of crap and probably thinks he's god's gift to women. He kept trying to engage us in small talk, asking us whether we will going clubbing after dinner, where we were working etc.

It got pretty annoying after a while, I was wondering why the hell would he wanna chat up two guys. I mean if he was a cute waitress chick then I wouldn't have mind. But then again I wasn't too surprised, been having the worst luck with women recently, it's been quite distressing. Yes I am looking for sympathy here. And to make the evening worse, I asked my friend if he saw any difference in my complexion and he said no, that totally killed my mood that night. But then again it was pretty dark in the restaurant.


  1. to be in a dating slump, you would have to have dated. so at least u dated.appreciate the little joys where u can. cant wait to see your new face..

  2. I don't know u have skin problem??

  3. Er, I am not in a dating slump. I am in a "date-free" window. It means I chose not not to be dating anyone. And it was quite dark in the restaurant, yeah, can't really see your new, improved face.

    Your hansome and corny fren

  4. You seem like a really nice guy, and dermalogica's really good too (:

  5. where did you go for your facial? was it a one time trial offer?


  6. you sound like you had a sex change, lo.l.

  7. Nethia : Now i think of it I am more fortunate than those people who never dated before. Thanks for enlightening me.

    Wai Hong: I don't.

    Corny: You say potato, I say potatoe.

    Chrissy: Oh you use it too? Cool!

    Swimming: No la my sis goes there often so she gets a special rate, and she extended it to me as well. Besides the lady said she felt pity for me and wanted to help me.

    Anonymous: If wanting to be beautiful makes me a woman, then I am one.

  8. Gee--I thought i was reading a girl's blog.. giggle

    and no they are not the cutest bears ever because one of them is a cow..with HORNS! Giggle..this is fun.

  9. hey stallion,
    can i see your face closer? just wanna see how great your facial was. lol!

  10. hi stallion,
    i see. was thinking of sending the significant other for a facial so was just scouting around. but you still have not told me where the place is, if its ok with you. ;) maybe the lady will find it in her heart to dole out more pity and give us a good rate as well.


  11. Swimming:

    Beauty Inspirations
    #04-64 Far East Plaza
    Tel : 6 7355055

    Forgetful : Are you asking me out love?

    Jupiter : Sorry, isnt it the cutest cow ever ?

  12. You know the type - the typical Indian guy who's charming, cocky, talks a lot of crap and probably thinks he's god's gift to women.

    Are you hinting about yourself?

  13. SuspiciousBastard : Oh you noticed the self-referential deprecating humor. Good for ya.

  14. Just dropping by to make a comment on your blog. i think that your blogs are cute.. Hope to hear from

  15. thanks!


  16. dermalogica is good and FREAKING ex man.

    so when do I get to qc? :P

  17. I'm sure your skin looked radiant, bert... ;)

    no wonder that guy was hitting on you!

  18. To be my date you require:
    1. to be hot
    2. to have lots of money to take me out shopping
    3. witty
    4. and above all a bastard.
    Do you have it in you?
    if u happen to tick all of the above...
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  19. hey..
    whats eating gilbert grape i say?
    so long!

  20. I don't use dermalogica, but it works on everyone, almost..or so i've heard. That aside, i think you'd look great using anything

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